CWF Mini Arc Titanium Topo TAD Edition

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The CWF Mini Arc TAD Edition stands out with the latest technology with an elegant, minimalist form. Equipped with the Quantum Dragon driver, this flashlight offers an array of customizable features. The Mini Arc ensures safety and durability with thermal regulation and voltage protection as well as a sub lumen moonlight feature. 

A solid copper pill enclosing the light engine helps dissipate heat and a protected  microprocessor maximizes light output, resulting in a consistent level of light output throughout the battery’s life. An upgradable driver assures you can update and customize your carry without changing your illumination platform.

Powered by a 14500 battery, this compact yet powerful device incorporates all its electronics on a single board, effectively saving length and maximizing efficiency. With dimensions of just 0.74" in diameter and 3.6" in length, the Mini Arc  is the perfect companion for those seeking a reliable, feature-packed flashlight in a compact form. The result is a true EDC sized light with unparalleled programmability, refined but rugged form, and a long lasting 520+ lumens out of a single 14500 cell. 

Turned from a solid titanium round bar, the CWF Mini Arc TAD Edition features a flawless tumbled or machined finish that showcases the minimalist design cues of this light perfectly. Our signature topo pattern is applied by laser in a time intensive process. This combination is not just visually striking, but durable as well. Keeping in line with the subtle design cues, our logo is lasered onto the custom titanium clip.

All CWF Mini Arcs  come with a titanium  deep carry pocket clip and stainless screws for comfortable carry and superior strength. Included is a 14500 rechargeable battery. 

Due to the nature of custom items, slight variations may occur.



  • Programmable Modes: See below


  • Titanium Body 

  • Titanium Pocket Clip

  • Copper Heat Sink


  • Length: 3.6 in  ( 9.14 cm)

  • Bezel Diameter: .74 in  ( 1.87cm)


  • Including Batteries: 3. oz ( 85.04g)


  • (1) 14500 Flat Top


  • Nichia 219c  5000K LED     

  • Laser Etched Titanium Body and Clip w Tumbled or Machine Finish

  • Forward Click Tail Cap Switch

  • High Tolerance American CNC Machining

  • High Impact Sapphire  Lenses

  • Copper Heat Sink

  • Weatherproof and Water Resistant

  • Tailstands
    Quantum Chimera

  • Mode Groups:
    1- Moonlight, 5%, 15%, 35%, 50%, 100%
    2- Moonlight, 5%, 15%, 35%, 100%
    3- Moonlight, 15%, 35%, 100%
    4- 5%, 15%, 35%, 50%, 100%
    5- 5%, 15%, 35%, 100%
    6- 5%, 35%, 100%
    7- 15%, 35%, 50%, 100%
    8- 15%, 50%, 100%
    9- 15%, 100%
    10- 50%


Configuration Options:

To enter configuration mode, quickly cycle the switch 10+ times until it starts to flash. Once it starts to flash,
you are in configuration mode. Once in configuration mode, the light will give a solid light and ramp down, if you
want to modify options 2-3 cycle switch during ramp to move to next option.
* Option 1 = Mode group, when light ramps down it will step down and then the group number will blink
followed by another step down. To select the group blinked cycle the switch in the step down cycle after
the group you want to use.
* Option = Memory on/off, when light ramps down it will flash low power and then high power, cycle switch while
flashing low if you want memory off and high if you want memory on.
* Option = Strobe option, when light ramps down it will flash 3 different power levels, cycle switch while
flashing low if you want strobe off, medium for bicycle mode and high for strobe mode. To access these in normal use cycle switch three times rapidly and it will access either strobe programmed when turned on.

Engineered, Manufactured and Made in the USA

Made in USA

Superior Engine

One of the most advanced drivers on the market, the fully programmable Quantum Dragon features battery monitoring, full thermal regulation, and advanced programming and memory capabilities.


The protected microprocessor maximizes light output, resulting in a consistent level of light output throughout the battery’s life.


The forward click activation switch is easy to use and is ruggedly built to tolerate hard use.


Founded by Charles Wiggens in 2014, CWF Custom Lights hit the ground running with his Dragon Driver. With 27 years experience as a mechanic and racer, he has a lifetime of modifying a vehicle's computer to get the highest performance possible. He brings this single minded approach to heirloom quality flashlights.