Product Care

General Care Tips for Technical Fabrics


Care instructions are included on the product label located on the inside of most garments. Specific instructions provided by TAD should be followed in addition to any specific instructions from the manufacturers of our more technical fabrics. These instructions are necessary both maximize the garment's performance and lifespan, and to prevent damage to your garment, pack, or hardware.


We recommend turning garments inside-out, closing all zippers, hook & loop fasteners, emptying all pockets, and sealing all openings before washing.


Certain ingredients found in fabric softeners and dryer sheets can cause advers effects with performance materials. These include reducing fabric's water repellent properties, and increasing pilling with certain yarns. Avoid the use of any type of fabric softener for these items if at all possible.



Rub the area with a piece of ice. Carefully scrape the gum or sap from the outside edges inward as to avoid spreading. Scrape off as much as you can from your garment. Wash your garment according to the care instructions. If the stain remains attempt to wash it again before machine-drying as this may cause the stain to set in.


Dampen the area and rub in detergent to remove the stain. Wash your garment according to the care instructions. If the stain persists attempt to clean it with a prewash stain remover before machine-drying. Please see product care instructions for specific restrictions.


Most of our waterproof and water resistant garments are treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating. Over time this coating needs to be replenished as the garment is exposed to use and washing. If your product no longer beads up when exposed to water it is a good indication that it is time to treat your garment with a DWR finish.

  • Use a spray-on DWR treatment to reapply the treatment in between washes
  • Wash-in DWR treatments should be used when laundering your garment, and will provide longer lasting application.
  • Front-loading washer are highly recommended when available.
  • Allow the water and DWR detergent to mix before loading in your garments.
  • Tumble dry on low or warm for 10-15 minutes or until your garment is dry to the touch to complete the reactivation of the DWR properties.

Garments made with Schoeller textiles


Garments made with a DWR treatment are generally recommended to be machine dried to reactive the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment in the fabric. However, our Stealth Hoodie LT also features a lamination adhesive, which can be damaged by excessive heat. We recommend using a warm (not hot) iron with a towel between the garment and the iron to reactive the treatment as a safer alternative to machine drying. This method will reduce potential damage to your garment. Remember to use caution when using this method. Our Customer Support team is always available to help you if you have questions.

If ironing is no longer reviving the DWR properties of this textile, we recommend an exterior spray-on or wash-in DWR.

Waterproof Breathable Garment Care

Applicable Products:

Raptor Hoodie, Raptor Anorak, Raptor Pant, Stealth Hoodie and Stealth Hoodie LT

Your Raptor (NeoShell®) or Stealth (C-Change®) garment achieve its remarkable breathability due to the millions of open pores engineered into the fabric’s membrane.

Regularly washing your garment is necessary to maintain both the breathability and water repellency over the course of your adventures. Additionally, washing and drying your garment on a frequent basis helps restore and redistribute the Durable Water Repellant (DWR) coating.

Neglecting this care can lead to dirt and body oils contained in sweat degrading the performance of your garment. In extreme cases, this can degrade the internal membrane and lead to delamination damage.

Damage to waterproof breathable garments owing to lack of care is not eligible for warranty consideration. Please keep this in mind and use your best judgment as to your exertion level, type of activity, exposure to the elements and frequency of use when determining how frequently to wash. A jacket that is worn regularly, even under mild conditions and use can degrade faster than a jacket used infrequently in harsh and demanding conditions.

All DWR surface treatments will lose their effectiveness over time. When water fails to bead up and roll off your garment, we recommended re-applying an aftermarket DWR treatment.

Laundering Instructions


Machine wash cold, permanent press cycle using a small amount of liquid detergent. Do not use powdered detergents, bleach, bleach alternatives, or fabric softeners. Tumble Dry Low to reactivate DWR treatment.


Use a specialized detergent such as Nikwax's® Tech Wash in place of your regular detergent. Wash separately, rinse twice, and minimize spin cycle to reduce creasing. Tumble Dry Low to reactivate DWR treatment.


Wash as in previous instruction, and allow your garment to line dry. After it dries on the line, tumble dry on low setting for 20 minutes to fully reactivate the DWR treatment. If unable to tumble dry, similar effect can be achieved by ironing the dry garment on gentle setting (low, no steam) placing a towel or cloth between the garment and the iron.

Synthetic Baselayer Garment Care

Applicable Products:

Storm Pullover, Vortex Hoodie, Vortex Half-Zip, Javelin Insulator, Javelin Anorak


Machine wash cold, permanent press cycle using a small amount of liquid detergent. Do not use powdered detergents, bleach, bleach alternatives, or fabric softeners. Tumble Dry Low to reactivate DWR treatment.


Turn garment inside out. Use a specialized detergent such as Nikwax's® Base Wash in place of your regular detergent. Wash with garments of like color and weight. Line Dry

Wool Garment Care

Wool Blends

Sojourn Tech T, Traverse Tech T, Huntress Henley, Huntsman Henley, Prism Tech T, Primer Family, Alchemy Family, Journeyman Sweater, Echelon Sweater, Razor Crew

100% Wool

Alias Shirt, Highland Shirt, Artemis Hoodie, Praetorian Hoodie, Theorem Hoodie, Vesper Sweater, Special Service Sweater

DWR Treated Cotton, Nylon, and Polyester

Applicable Products:

Recon Pant & Short (All Fabrics - ST / AC / RS), Force 10 Pant & Short (All Fabrics - AC / RS), Talon Guide Pant & Short, Agent Chino Pant ST / XC, Icon RS Pant & Short, Vector SC Pant, Triton AC Short, Nautilus AC Short, Paladin GT Short

Flammability Warning

Most synthetic fabrics will melt or burn if exposed to flame or direct heat. These fabrics are not fire resistant/retardant and we advise not to use them when engaging in any activities where you may be exposed to direct heat or flame.


  • Clean knife regularly
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water
  • Wipe down and keep knife open until dry
  • Lubricate steel components with all-purpose oil
  • Keep knife sharpened

Please send a message to our Customer Support team or call us by phone at 1-866-613-1386 if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding how to care for Triple Aught Design garments.


For care instructions provided by our fabric manufacturers, please see the following links: