Our Mission

To inspire our community to live more adventurous lives through legendary product and experiences.

Whether on your toughest excursions or in your everyday adventures, we know that exceptional quality and engineered functionality will help you succeed. 

We make gear and apparel for capable people.

Who We Are

Triple Aught Design is a San Francisco based company that makes high quality gear and apparel in the USA, purpose built for the capable individual. We operate the businesses out of facilities from coast to coast.

95% of what we make and deliver into the market is Made In USA.

Made In USA

Less than 3% of the clothing Americans buy are actually ‘Made In USA.’

"Made in USA" is a label protected by the Federal Trade Commission. In order for an item to be called such, the item must be made within the United States' borders from "all or virtually all" American parts.

While a pair of Force 10’s might be Made In USA by TAD, there are dozens of American companies that benefit from the commerce of the product. From the Ripstop fabric, thread, D-rings, webbing, zippers, and cordage. All are products other companies specialize in manufacturing that we use in our finished products. 

Focusing on Made In USA helps strengthen that connection of American companies. When you buy Made In USA products, you aren’t just helping the American company selling the product, you are helping the other American companies that supply the raw materials. This boosts jobs, which boosts our economy, and circulates that currency within our own communities.  Not to mention, makes us (as a Country) less dependent on others and more self reliant.

How It Works

Because we produce in small batches we tend to sell out of products in particular sizes and colors on a frequent basis.

However, because we produce in small batches, we can get a restock into the market quickly (if demand is there.)


We announce what is restocking via our Newsletter. It is the best way to know what is happening and what is available.

We gauge demand based on how fast items sell, your comments and emails, and how many restock notification sign ups we get for products.

In an age of Amazon and getting an item you want the very next day, we understand this can be a frustrating experience. However, we promise the hunt is a worthy pursuit and our team does their best to make it an engaging and fun experience to shop with us. This process is always getting better as we grow and scale. Lastly, this makes ownership of a Triple Aught Design product truly special. You are not 1 of a million owners. You are 1 of a few 100 or thousand owners. We take great pride in that and you should too. In a world of more of the same products over and over, we are honored to be different. When you see someone else wearing TAD you know you are among good company, not just another average consumer.

Mission Capable

In the military, teams and equipment are deemed mission capable when they are ready to perform any operation within their scope. Wherever your missions take you, we know that you depend on our gear to help you achieve your objectives and get you home safely. We take that responsibility seriously.

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Triple Aught

Engineers and machinists use 000 (triple aught) as shorthand for a thousandth of an inch, which has been the high standard of precision tolerance for over a century. Inspired by that ideal, we apply thorough design, high attention to detail, and strict tolerances to ensure our products meet your most rigorous needs.

Direct to Consumer

We are 95% direct to consumer - meaning nearly all of our business is a personal transaction with YOU. We have limited wholesale operations which are mostly international.

A Sincere ‘Thank You’

Your patronage 100% supports the daily operation of our business, our staff and their families, and our domestic manufacturing supply chain. There is no TAD without our community and we remain committed to serving that community. Thank you for supporting us in our mission to make the best gear and apparel to equip you for your life’s adventures.