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Crafted for the discerning adventurer who refuses to compromise on quality or style, Intrepid BC gloves offer the perfect balance of heritage style and modern performance. 

Slowly and carefully knit on antique raschel knitting machines, beach cloth is both highly capable and distinctive. This elegant double-faced fabric features a salt-and-pepper blend of wool and cotton herringbone on the face and a napped and fleeced wool and cotton back.  Thick, soft, and tightly knit, beach cloth resists wind and chill with style and grace.

Gunn patterned palms and winged thumbs provide enhanced grip and durability, ensuring that whether you're handling gear or tools, your hands are well-protected against abrasions and wear.  An adjustable wrist strap provides a customizable fit, sealing out cold air and securing the gloves comfortably in place.

About Pittards WR100X

Pittards WR100X technology imparts impressive levels of water and perspiration resistance to leather goods for extended comfort and long-lasting flexibility. The WR100X tanning process permanently protects the leather fibres, both limiting its water uptake and helping to reduce damage from perspiration. It does this without blocking the structure, allowing the leather to maintain its natural breathability.

About Philleywood

Philleywood founder Paul Wood designs, develops and produces modern products with an integrity, quality and style that echoes ages past. Whether it’s Philleywood’s luxury batch-built gloves, or apparel and accessories designed and developed for other brands over the past three decades, Paul puts the same considered approach, care and attention to detail into everything he does.



Palm, straps and bindings: 

  • Pittards® WR100X premium hairsheepleather
  • Tanned and water resistance treated in the UK

Top of hand: 

  • 61% Wool / 39% Cotton, 
  • 790 g/m² (23.29 oz/yd²)
  • Napped and fleeced back side is against skin


  • Leather covered snap and metal ring  for adjustable strap

Sewn in California from UK tanned leather (of Ethiopian origin) and beach cloth knitted in Japan

Care instructions: 

  • In most cases, the gloves simply require wiping with a damp cloth and leaving to dry in shade. 
  • But should your gloves require it, hand wash in lukewarm water with a mild detergent (eg: woolite). 
  • While washing, wear the gloves as if you’re washing your hands. 
  • Rinse in clean water, gently squeezing out any excess water. 
  • Reshape and drip dry or flat dry in shade.
  • Optionally, treat palm side with leather balm or conditioner to preserve and restore the skin.
  • Hand wash, drip/flat dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not use fabric softeners

Cut and Sewn in USA

Natural Protection

Beach cloth provides formidable protection against wind and cold while retaining an elegant appearance and exceptional comfort.

Touchscreen Compatible

Touchscreen conductivity leather at thumb and index finger for smartphone use without removing gloves.

Unparalleled Fit

Narrow formed fit with Gunn cut palm construction minimizes bulk in the middle fingers and improves dexterity. Wing thumb construction provides enhanced flexibility and grip.

Secure Closure

Adjustable leather pull strap at upper wrist with leather covered snap closure.


Pittards WR100 leather, launched in 1980, was the culmination of many years of exhaustive research. Research that originally began with the development of specialist leathers for a number of demanding NATO applications such as combat gloves, pilot’s gloves, and helmet linings.

Fundamental to this research were the specially selected skins of the Ethiopian hairsheep - also called “Cabretta”. This traditional material is a by-product of the meat industry that has been used by Pittards for generations. Found in the sub tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and South America, the Cabretta hairsheep has a remarkably soft, strong and light skin which makes it particularly appropriate for military, sporting and fashion glove applications.

WR100X as a process enhances these characteristics and creates leathers with qualities that others still cannot match, and has been applied to other specialist skin types to further enhance performance. The process involves over 40 interrelated operations, each one of which has to be tuned and adjusted to ensure the final technical quality of WR100X leather.

Whilst retaining the original softness, strength, and lightness of the natural skin, WR100X also offers unrivaled grip, water resistance, sensitivity, comfort and recovery. Not surprisingly, these features have made WR100X the performance standard for sports enthusiasts and glove manufacturers alike.

Water and sweat resistant Pittards WR100X leathers not only shrug off moisture and allow perspiration to escape, but do so without any change in the structure of the leather.