Uzin Hanks TAD Edition

Uzin Hanks TAD Edition
Uzin Hanks TAD Edition
Uzin Hanks TAD Edition
Uzin Hanks TAD Edition
Uzin Hanks TAD Edition
Uzin Hanks TAD Edition

// A CUT ABOVE // 

This Uzin TAD Edition Hank showcases an updated Timberline design and Fat Carbon Newt tag.

The Newt is a 1”x1” tag like the Ranger Eye, but with a retractable utility blade housed inside. Non-locking and discreet, the Newt flies under the radar in most non-permissive environments. Perfect for all small cutting tasks like opening boxes, cutting string, etc. The Newt is held fast in its housing by a magnet. To deploy, use your thumb to overcome the retention and hold the blade in the extended position. Once finished, slide the blade back to the magnetic retention and affix to the Hank with the Velcro backing.

The folding knife and the handkerchief have been the primary components of everyday carry for generations. Both are multipurpose items, able to serve in a myriad of unique roles throughout the day. It’s this characteristic that earns them a place in our pockets.

Uzin Hanks makes some of the finest handkerchiefs today. Made from hand selected patterns and crafted in Miami, Florida. Each limited edition hank comes with a custom ranger eye with both Uzin and TAD’s logos.

Specifications //

100% Patterned Cotton Newt in Green Fat Carbon Fiber w Copper Slide

12” X 12”

// Behind the Scenes with UZIN Hanks 

UZIN Hanks was started as a hobby in 2016 by Norris Sealy. Originally an escape from working in a high risk environment during the day, UZIN Hanks has quickly garnered acclaim in the industry.

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