Seward Neo Tanto TAD Edition

Seward Neo Tanto TAD Edition
Seward Neo Tanto TAD Edition
Seward Neo Tanto TAD Edition
Seward Neo Tanto TAD Edition
Seward Neo Tanto TAD Edition
Seward Neo Tanto TAD Edition
Seward Neo Tanto TAD Edition
Seward Neo Tanto TAD Edition
Seward Neo Tanto TAD Edition
Seward Neo Tanto TAD Edition
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// Neo Traditional // 

This TAD exclusive Seward Neo Tanto is a traditional Japanese style defensive knife, updated with modern materials and design cues to enhance performance and carry.

Traditional tantos have a trailing point and a grip to match along the top spine. For this edition we removed both making for a more neutral and faster command of the blade. With the point and back of grip brought closer to centerline, forward piercing motions transfer shock straight back instead of angled away from the hand. This point and grip redesign with the addition of a subtle drop to the butt allows the knife to be drawn and used in a push grip if desired.

Ben Seward expertly crafts a profile with an acute point and substantial belly into a single package. The San Mai blade has a 1095 core nestled between 410 stainless in a beautiful hammer forged finish with a pronounced hamon.

The full tang and substantial .222” spine thickness create a robust tool up to any task asked of it. The handle has a traditional cord wrap over hemp for traction, and a Turk’s head knot and improved drop at the butt to lock the hand in place. The balance of the blade and handle design leave few tasks out of reach for this middleweight tanto.

How the knife is carried is just as important as the knife itself. The Seward Neo Tanto includes a foldover style Kydex sheath and handmade titanium J-hook for IWB carry. The throat of the sheath is open to give a full and faster grip.

Specifications //


Blade: San Mai 1095/410
Guard: Turk’s Head Knot
Handle / Scales: Cord Wrap
Handle: Kydex IWB w/ Custom Titanium J Hook

Blade Length (to Turks Head): 4.75” (12.06 cm)
Blade Thickness: 0.222” (0.56 cm)
Handle / Scale Length(From Turks Head): 4.75” (12.06cm)
Handle Thickness (at Swell): 0.536” (.136 cm)
Overall Length: 9.5” ( 24.13cm)
WeightWith Sheath: 7.41 oz (210 grams)
Without Sheath: 5.80oz ( 164.5grams)

San Mai 1095/410
Hammer Forged Finish
Differentially Tempered
Acute Tanto Style Blade Profile
Turks Head Knot
Cord Wrap over Hemp
Full Tang
Kydex IWB Sheath w Custom Titanium J Hook

Labels & Logos
Chem Etch Triple Aught Design and Seward knives Logos

Made in USA


Ben started his knife making career in 2010, attending classes at the Moran School of Bladesmithing. Lin Rhea, Jerry Fisk and Kyle Royer are some of many friends whom he credits for helping hone his craft. He earned his Journeyman rating with the American Bladesmith Society in 2013 and is looking forward to testing for his Mastersmith soon. An avid outdoorsman as well as a student of edged weapons, Ben strives to make a tool first and art second. 

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