Microtech Troodon Mini TAD Edition

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The Microtech Mini Troodon is a compact double action out-the-front automatic knife from Microtech ideal for everyday carry. The small size and double action mechanism make for a maneuverable and quick to use cutting tool. This TAD Edition has a dagger ground blade and aluminum handle, with our signature topo pattern laser etched into the chassis and a custom Cerakote colorway.

The sub-2 inch blade has dual plain cutting edges. The bevels come finished in durable black Cerakote, while the flats are contrasting satin. The blade fuller and hardware is finished in bronzed PVD. Double action automatic operation is fast, smooth, and reliable. Move the thumb slide up to deploy and down to retract. An internal spring remains at rest in both the open and closed position to reduce wear.

The tough, lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum handle is in gray Cerakote, with rounded edges and strategic jimping for a comfortable, secure grip and a smooth pocket transition. The bronzed PVD pocket clip makes this a prime choice for daily carry. The construction of this very unique edition is rounded out with bronzed PVD hardware and clip, and laser topo over gray Cerakote with our logo.

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  • Blade: M390

  • Handle / Scales: 6061-T6 Aluminum

  • Hardware: Stainless Steel


  • Overall Length: 5.35" (13.58cm)

  • Blade Length: 1.95" (4.95cm)

  • Cutting Edge: 1.80” (4.5cm) 

  • Handle Length: 3.45" (8.76 cm)

  • Handle Thickness: 0.95" (2.4cm)


  • 2.1 oz ( 59.53grams)


  • Dagger Profile w Cerakote Bevels, Satin Flats and PVD Fuller

  • Cerakote Finish on Handle Assembly

  • Dual Action Automatic

  • Stainless Steel Pocket Clip with TAD Logo

  • Laser Etched Topo Pattern in Handle 

  • PVD Coated Hardware

Labels & Logos

  • Laser Etched Triple Aught Design and Microtech Logo laser applied on the Pocket Clip. Microtech Logo on Blade.

Made in USA


  • As is the case with any knife from Microtech, the Mini Troodon is loaded with an array of features. The double action OTF M390 Dagger style blade comes in at 1.95”, legal in most jurisdictions and still large enough to be a useful day to day cutting tool.

  • The lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum frame has a small footprint making carry effortless. The handle assembly and hardware have a Cerakote finish while the slabs themselves have our signature topo design laser applied.
  • The stainless steel pocket clip has been PVD coated bronze with our and Microtech’s logos laser applied.
  • The action of this OTF automatic is smooth to deploy and retract, an attribute Microtech is famous for. 
  • The TAD Edition features a unique colorway combination with our signature topo and logo, laser applied.

Behind the Scenes With Microtech Knives

In 1994, a year after the first prototypes were created in Tony Marfione’s apartment, the release of the UDT marked the official beginning of Microtech Knives. The company began renting a building in Vero Beach, Florida, which quickly expanded to nearby empty buildings as the demand for a larger facility became apparent. Since then, Microtech has carved itself a place in history by building a long-standing tradition of innovation and quality that leaves an impression on its customers. In addition to running Microtech Knives, Tony also creates beautiful custom versions of various Microtech production styles, which are known as Marfione Custom Knives. These knives not only offer the quality of Microtech, but are hand ground by Tony himself, extremely limited and oftentimes have custom refinements designed and applied by Tony. Such pieces are highly sought after by collectors and are destined to appreciate in value due to their unique features and limited quantities.