MA-1 Nighthawk Edition Jacket

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With the introduction of jet aircraft in the late 1940s aviators began to fly at higher altitudes and in colder temperatures, precipitating a demand for a new type of flight jacket. 

This eventually evolved into the MA-1 jacket. Building on this legacy of functional design and iconic styling, we reimagined this classic style for 21st century missions in and out of the cockpit.

Insulated with Polartec’s proprietary Power Fill™ material and designed to be reversible, the Nighthawk edition not only adapts to varying environmental and activity needs but also  offers versatile style options. This fusion of historic design and modern innovation makes the MA-1 Nighthawk edition an indispensable piece for today's adventurers.



  • Relaxed



  • 100% Nylon 

  •  159.3 g/m²   (4.7 oz/yd²) 

  • DWR 


  • 100% Nylon 

  • 190 g/m²  (5.6 oz/yd²)

  • DWR

Insulation: Polartec Power Fill

  • 100% recycled polyester 

  • Torso:  135 g/m²   (4 oz/yd²) 

  • Arms: 100 g/m²   (3 oz/yd²) 


  • 97.7% Nylon, 2.9% Elastane 

  • 794 g/m² (23.oz/yd²) 

Zipper Configuration & Trims 

  • TALON reversible metal zippers at center front

  • TALON metal zippers on sleeve pocket

  •  YKK Zippers on internal pockets 

  • Mesh grommets in armpits

  • TAD 000 zipper pull in hand pockets 

Logos & Labels

  • TAD Logo Ranger Eye

Cut and Sewn  in USA

Care Instructions: 








Cut and Sewn in USA

Engineered Performance

Polartec’s proprietary Power Fill™ material - made from an industry-leading 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content - provides greater warmth retention in colder conditions, without added weight or bulk– ideal for a variety of activities where body heat can’t ensure proper warmth. 

Multimission Utility

In challenging environments where discretion is key, having adaptable gear is essential. The reversible feature of the Nighthawk edition allows you to seamlessly adjust your appearance to suit your surroundings, whether you need to blend in or make a statement.

The Science of fabric

A unique construction of hollow fibers cling to one another and form thousands of air pockets. This technology traps and stores body heat for consistent warmth in the coldest conditions. This gives Power Fill™ unmatched warmth and design versatility, perfect for a wide range of style and usage occasions.

Ergonomic Storage

Zippered exterior hand pockets provide quick warmth and secure storage. An evolved array of storage options on the left bicep keep critical tools close at hand. 

Aviator-style glasses stash neatly into a protective full length pocket, while pens, tire gauges, and other tools all have dedicated slots.

On the exterior shell, a vertically zippered pocket provides secure storage and ready access to electronics or identification cards.

Moisture Management

The DWR treated shell works in conjunction with the hydrophobic properties of Polartec® Power Fill™ to resist moisture absorption and dries quickly, while maintaining a high warmth to weight ratio.

A storied past

In 1927, the US Army introduced the inaugural standard flight jacket, the A-1. This design incorporated a knit waistband and cuffs to enhance insulation and was typically crafted from robust materials like horsehide, sheepskin, or goatskin leather. Notable for its button closure and flap pockets, the A-1 set a precedent in military apparel. However, as the 1930s approached, the A-2 emerged as its successor, trading the button closure for a sturdier zip fastening. It also boasted a fold-down collar, creating a vintage, iconic look that would become a hallmark of classic flight jacket design.

World War II's rapid advancements in aviation technology led to aircraft achieving greater speeds and higher altitudes, necessitating the development of warmer jackets for pilots. This period saw a surge in innovative flight jacket designs, both in terms of style and materials. The B-15 jacket, introduced in the 1940s, was a significant step forward and ultimately, laid the groundwork for what would become the most iconic bomber jacket design to date: the MA-1.

The MA-1 jacket, originally developed as an upgrade to the earlier B-15 model, marked a significant evolution in pilot gear. While the B-15 was crafted from leather and had its limitations, the MA-1 introduced a revolutionary nylon shell. This new material not only offered enhanced insulation but also superior protection against harsh weather conditions of higher altitudes.

A hallmark of the MA-1 was its innovative reversible design. This feature allowed for a dual-style option - the classic sage green for a standard military look or the striking high-visibility orange for emergency situations. This adaptability quickly made it a favorite among military pilots.

Lightweight yet robust, the MA-1's nylon fabric provided durability without the bulk. The jacket's reversible capability not only added to its versatility but also served a critical function; the bright orange side acted as an emergency beacon, increasing a downed pilot's visibility for rescue operations. Additionally, it was tailored with a ribbed collar, cuffs, and waistband to ensure a close fit, effectively keeping the wind out and warmth in.

Today, the MA-1 is retired from official military use, however, its iconic design remains immersed in subcultures throughout the world.