Haworth Bard

TAD Edition
A versatile and formidable tool from home to trail
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Material: Carbon Steel
Variation: Hickory
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What once was a tired, rusted and forgotten axe of yesteryear is reborn as a balanced and formidable tool. Designed to be wielded in the toughest conditions, this carpenter's pattern axe is a versatile and powerful multitasker.  

With an overall length of 15 inches and hand shaped half octagonal American hickory helve, the Bard is a compact and sturdy tool built with the outdoorsman and homesteader in mind. Capable of felling small trees, carving timbers for shelter, hammering and light field dressing, the Bard was built to handle anything the demanding outdoorsman can throw at it. The heads have been reshaped to a more lithe and nimble handling tool. The narrow edge geometry lends well to fine carving work, or a gentle shave around the campfire. The half octagonal handle provides the user an indexed grip for heavy blows or gentle cuts.

Born to work the Bard is not simply a vintage axe but rather a tool to stand the test of time.


  • Carpenter Style Head

  • Cold blue “Black Magic” finish w Mirror Polished Edge and Hammer Pole

  • Vintage High Carbon steel

  • Half octagonal Hickory helve treated in Boiled Linseed oil 

  • Natural Micarta Wedge

  • Polished and Aggressive edge geometry designed for toughness and edge retention.

Behind the scenes of Howling Winds Homestead

Glen Haworth, an avid axe enthusiast, blacksmith and woodworker, passionate about the preservation of antique tools and love for the outdoors, sought to build an axe that could hold up to the sturdy demands of the adventurer. Glen’s work is built around the idea that form and function don’t have to trump one or the other. Beauty and intent are paramount, challenging the utilitarian approach to axe building, the tool can share both heirloom durability and beauty in form and function.

Using a blend of traditional hand tools and modern equipment, taking a deliberate and slow handed approach to every piece. Glen’s axe work beckons the individual hand made approach of the good old days when quality was priority number one, and should outlive its owner.

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Blade: Vintage Carpenter Style-Carbon steel

Sheath: Folded leather, Chicago Screw welt

Handle: Hickory 


** Dimensions and weight are approximate as these are all reclaimed and reworked carpenters style heads**

 Cutting Edge: 3.25” (8.25cm)

Overall head length: 6.5” (16.51cm)

Handle / Scale Length: 15” (38.1cm)

Handle Thickness: 1.125” (2.857cm)


Without Sheath: 2 Lbs (907.18 Grams)

With Sheath: 2.32 Lbs (1052.33 Grams)


Handmade Hickory Helve

Half octagonal inside hold

Convex 24 degree edge

Carpenter Style head 

Hammer Pole 

Contoured fawns foot palm swell

Folded 8-9oz tooling leather blade cover,  with stainless chicago screws and snap closure

Dual branding GH/TAD

Chemically Etched Logos on Blade Base

Made by human hand in the USA