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VariationSkull Cave


Historically used to identify soldiers on the field, dog tags play a critical role in keeping communication channels intact amidst the chaos. Starting with commercially pure Grade 2 titanium, the RMJ Dog Tag is laser etched with a 100 watt fiber laser. RMJ Gold Point Forge is run by Ryan Johnson, the founder of RMJ Tactical. He makes these for us one at a time in his custom shop.This edition features our Triple Aught Design logo laser etched into one side and our Skull Cave on the other. Each Dog Tag comes with a standard ball chain.

Due to the nature of custom items, slight variations may occur.



TAD-Edition Skull Cave Graphic Dog Tag with Titanium Jump Ring

Material: Commercially Pure Grade 2 Titanium

Length: 1.41” (3.58 cm)

Thickness: 0.07” (0.17 cm)

24.00” Standard Ball Chain Included

Made in the USA

Behind the Scenes with RMJ Gold Point Forge

Ryan Johnson runs RMJ Gold Point Forge,the custom arm of RMJ Tactical. Pulling their design inspiration from a wide breadth of historical weapons and relying on the real-world experience from their customers across the Special Operations community, RMJ continues their more than 25 year history of building reliable companions for field operations.