CWF Micro Click Topo TAD Edition

CWF Micro Click Topo TAD Edition
CWF Micro Click Topo TAD Edition
CWF Micro Click Topo TAD Edition
CWF Micro Click Topo TAD Edition
CWF Micro Click Topo TAD Edition
CWF Micro Click Topo TAD Edition
CWF Micro Click Topo TAD Edition
CWF Micro Click Topo TAD Edition
CWF Micro Click Topo TAD Edition
CWF Micro Click Topo TAD Edition
CWF Micro Click Topo TAD Edition
CWF Micro Click Topo TAD Edition
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CWF Custom Lights has combined the latest technology with an elegant, minimalist form. The CWF Chimera Driver combines all the programmability of the industry benchmark Dragon Driver in a 10440 (AAA sized) package. The Chimera has the same thermal regulation as the Dragon Driver, unheard of for a light this size. The result is a true EDC sized light with unparalleled programibilty, refined but rugged form, and a staggering 650 lumens out of a single 10440 cell.

Turned from a solid titanium round bar, the Micro Click TAD Edition features a flawless machined finish that showcases the minimalist design cues of this light perfectly. Our signature Topo pattern is applied by laser in a time intensive process. This combination is not just visually striking, but durable as well. Keeping in line with the subtle design cues, our logo is lasered onto the stonewashed titanium clip.

A solid copper pill enclosing the light engine helps dissipate heat and a protected microprocessor maximizes light output, resulting in a consistent level of light output throughout the battery’s life.

At 3.6” OAL and .60” diameter this true EDC powerhouse can always be with you, while the upgradable driver assures you can update and customize your carry without changing your illumination platform.

All CWF Micro Click lights come with a titanium stonewashed deep carry pocket clip and stainless screws for comfortable carry and superior strength. Included is an EFEST 10440 rechargeable battery.

Specifications //

Default Mode : Moonlight, 5%, 15%, 35%, 50%, 100%
Programmable Modes: See below

Titanium Body Titanium Pocket Clip
Copper Heat SinkCopper Ring
Copper Sleeve

Length: 3.66 in ( 16.91 cm)
Bezel Diameter: .60 in ( 1.52cm)


Including Batteries: 3. oz ( 85.04g)

(1) Efest 700 MAH

Nichia 219c 5000K LED
Laser Etched Titanium Clip and Logo
Reverse Click Tail Cap Switch
High Tolerance American CNC Machining
High Impact Sapphire Lenses
Default Light Mode
6 Levels Copper Heat Sink
Weatherproof and Water Resistant


1- Moonlight, 5%, 15%, 35%, 50%, 100% (Default)
2- Moonlight, 15%, 50%, 100%
3- 5%, 15%, 35%, 100%
4- 15%, 100%
5- 5%, 15%, 35%, 50%, 100%
6- 50%

Configuration Options:
To enter configuration mode, quickly turn off the light 15+ times until it starts to flash. Once it starts to flash, you are in configuration mode.Once in configuration mode, the light will give a solid flash between 1 and 5 times. The number of solid flashes indicates the option number to be changed. To select/change the option turn the light off and back on during the strobing flashes that immediately follow the solid flashes. When you choose option 1 it will start to flash 1-8 times, turn off and back on after the number of the group you want comes up. When setting the temperature control the light will go from programming to turbo, turn the light off when it reaches the temperature you desire.

1. Mode Group Select.
2. Memory Toggle.
3. Mode Order Toggle.
4. Temperature Calibration Mode.
5. Reversing Toggle.

Reversing options(1/2second press) as follows:Turbo--->Strobe--->Batt Check (1-8 with 8 being full) ---> Bike Indicator Strobe


Founded by Charles Wiggens in 2014, CWF Custom Lights hit the ground running with his Dragon Driver. With 27 years experience as a mechanic and racer, he has a lifetime of modifying a vehicle's computer to get the highest performance possible. He brings this single minded approach to heirloom quality flashlights. 

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