Cortex Glove

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The Cortex is our most versatile, resilient and functional glove to date. Made for multiple terrains and endeavors, they’re performance detailed, extremely durable, supremely comfortable and perfectly fitted at the wrist.


  •  PW / TAD topo logo debossing at left & right strap pull strap.
  •  New Keratan leather knuckle guard topstitched to top of hand panel for added protection.
  • Touch screen conductivity leather at thumb & index finger for smartphone use without removing gloves.
  •  Finely stitched gel patch at outer palm heels help protect against hard impact situations.

Three kinds of Pittards® leathers are used:

Palm side uses Keratan™ goatskin. It’s treated to increase the abrasion protection and durability of the skin with it’s unique “etched diamond” surface, which is bonded to the leather’s fiber structure. It allows the leather to retain flexibility and maximum abrasion resistance.

Top of hand and thumb uses camo printed goatskin. It’s produced to provide maximum tensile strength and durability which provides supreme abrasion resistance without compromising the feel and fit of the leather.

Palm heel padding, binding and pull strap uses African Hair sheep performance leather. All leathers are additionally treated with a WR100X finish. They are water and perspiration resistant - the UK tanning process permanently protects the leather fibers,both limiting water uptake and helping reduce damage from perspiration.

As with all Philleywood gloves, they’re handmade in California with meticulous attention to detail. We inspect each pair before numbering and adding to the batch.



  • Pittards® Keratan™ goatskin leather
  • Pittards® camo printed goatskin leather
  • Pittards® WR100X Sport African Hair sheep leather
  • Tricot lined light foam padding
  • Touchscreen leather


Pittards® leathers break in and molds to your hand after the first few uses, so if you are

between sizes, always size down.

XS = 7- 7.5 (17.8 - 19 cm)

S = 7.5 - 8 (19 - 20.3 cm)

M = 8.5 (21.6 cm)

L  = 9 (22.8 cm)

XL = 9.5 - 10 (24.1 - 25.4 cm)

XXL = 10.5- 11 (26.7 - 28 cm)


Made in California from leather of African and Middle Eastern origin with UK tanning

and finishing.

Made in USA


Philleywood founder Paul Wood designs, develops and produces modern products with an integrity, quality and style that echoes ages past. Whether it’s Philleywood’s luxury batch-built gloves, or apparel and accessories designed and developed for other brands over the past three decades, Paul puts the same considered approach, care and attention to detail into everything he does.


Keratan™ goatskin is treated to increase the abrasion protection and durability of the skin. The unique etched diamond surface is bonded to the leather’s fiber structure, allowing the leather to retain flexibility and maximum abrasion resistance.


Light padding stitched to palm and thumb provides comfort without sacrificing responsiveness.


Leather binding finish at cuff and pull strap ensures a clean finish and maximizes glove durability.


A leather-covered snap button at the wrist pull strap ensures a snug fit.