Achter Knives PDA TAD Edition

Achter Knives PDA TAD Edition
Achter Knives PDA TAD Edition
Achter Knives PDA TAD Edition
Achter Knives PDA TAD Edition
Achter Knives PDA TAD Edition
Achter Knives PDA TAD Edition
Achter Knives PDA TAD Edition
Achter Knives PDA TAD Edition
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// Purpose Driven  // 

** This limited edition of the Achter Knives PDA comes in a “Deep Woods” paracord wrap and Magnacut steel. Magnacut has quickly made a name for itself with its balance of high corrosion resistance, toughness and edge retention. This batch of Axes have been certified at 62 HRC (rockwell hardness). Achter Knives was able to secure a small amount of Magnacut in the thickness needed for the PDA. **

The Achter Knives PDA (Personal Defense Axe) is a compact field tool with a wickedly aggressive profile. Developed to meet the requirements of the highest possible level of protection in a non-firearm package, the PDA is compact, concealable and immediately accessible due to its unique sheath. Secured in an upside down belt sheath, the axe can be carried in and out of vehicles and even deployed while sitting. The Boltaron material used is harder to work but the end result is a sheath that exceeds Kydex in impact and weather resistance by a wide margin. Designed for left side carry the axe does not interfere with your primary side and, due to its 11” height, disappears under a lightweight overshirt.

The one piece Magnacut steel axe is expertly contoured for multiple gripping options including inverted use, where the protruding tang can be used as a compliance/standoff tool. The head itself slopes forward, reminiscent of a nordic design. The blade-to-handle angle makes sure that the blade hits in a piercing motion as opposed to a flat chop. The Magnacut steel has been expertly heat treated to 62 Rockwell Hardness to enhance toughness. The steel itself has been blasted, acid etched and tumbled to minimize glare. A treatment of Sno Seal is applied to protect it from the elements.

The handle itself is double wrapped in paracord, offering 24 feet of high strength cordage if needed. The combination of the contours, double wrap, and Sno Seal finish applied to the axe guarantee a rock solid grip no matter where you hold it.

Over ninety percent of Achter Knives PDAs find their way to small forward groups of the US Military for a reason. This is a rare opportunity to get one of these hand crafted masterpieces.

Specifications //

Blade: Magnacut
Handle: Deep Woods Paracord
Sheath: Boltaron Scabbard

Main Edge Length: 2.24" (5.71 cm)
Stock Thickness: 0.204” (.520 cm)
Handle Thickness: .831” (2.1cm)
Overall Length: 11.67” (29.64 cm)
WeightWithout Sheath: 18.0 oz (510.29 grams)
With Sheath: 23.6 oz (669.04 grams)

Full Tang Axe
Heat Treated to 62 HRC
Paracord Wrap Handle w Sno Seal Finish
Blasted, Etched and Tumbled finish w Sno Seal Applied to Blade
Inverted Bottom Eject Boltaron Belt Sheath

Labels & Logos
Lasered Triple Aught Design and Achter Knives Logo on Blade

Made in the USA

// BEHIND THE SCENES WITH Herman Achterhuis

Herman spent many years in varied first responder roles before taking up knifemaking. He compliments John Gray for starting him on his knifemaking journey. Herman’s previous experience and continued training and focus on high level self-protection have led him to craft tools that are sought after by elite professionals, due to their unique design elements forged from real world experience.

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