Waypoint: Kingston

The TAD Team linked up with members of our community and embarked on a journey into the Colorado high country. 15 participants, 8 vehicles, and 3 pups tackled 13 miles and ~2,900 ft of elevation gain to summit a 13,301 ft peak.

The team climbed out of the trees and into the endless views of Colorado's front range. Everyone took a quick break to stretch their legs, get to know each other a bit more, and enjoy the magnificent views. It didn't take long for the group to bond. Laughter became common as the jokes began to fly. The coming adventure loomed in the distance as the trail revealed more of itself and the summit climb began to look more ominous.

On foot from here. Once the team reached a plateau on the 4X4 trail, it was time to move into foot powered travel. While the summit seemed close, the 1,200 foot elevation gain to be had made it seem much further away. In true, adventurous form, as the team climbed and climbed, the sky turned from crystal blue to more cloud filled. Weather was moving in, but that didn't stop the smiles or put a kink in the determination to reach the top.

The summit views were spectacular. The Waypoint : Kingston team had the entire summit to themselves as they celebrated each other's final approach. Lunches and snacks were pulled from packs as the refueling process began for the long trek back to the trucks. More clouds moved in and grew darker as the team had stayed their welcome on the mountain. There were still more miles to cover and only a few hours left in the day to get them done.

The team raced away from the coming weather to finish out the 4x4 trail with some epic views of the range they just traversed. The team gazed across the landscape that took most of the day to traverse in and out of the vehicles. A moment of reflection and appreciation for the work accomplished. 
Waiting at the end of the trail was a well placed overlook with Old Glory proudly flapping in the wind. A perfect ending to an incredible day.