From 20190927 to 20191031 every approved product story you submit automatically enters you for a chance to win the Ultimate Fall Kit.

Fall Kit Includes One Of Each :

How To Enter:

Step 1 : Submit a Product Story. Visit a product page, scroll to the bottom, click on 'Share Your Story', follow the on screen instructions from there.

Step 2 : Get approved. If your story is approved you will receive an automated email and your story will be published. YOU ARE NOW AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED FOR A CHANCE TO WIN THE GIVEAWAY.

Step 3 : Subscribe to the Newsletter. The winner of the Ultimate Fall Kit Giveaway will be announced in our Friday Newsletter on 20191101. In order to get this Newsletter you must be subscribed.  Subscribe HERE.

Step 4 : Submit more product stories. Repeat Step 1 as many times as you'd like for as many products as you'd like. Each approved story is another entry into the Giveaway.

Rules & Regulations:

  • The Ultimate Fall Kit includes : 1 - Axis Expedition Duffle (size upon availability), 1 - FAST Pack Litespeed (Black), 1 - Ronin XT Jacket (color and size upon availability), 1 - Agent ST or XC Chino (color and size upon availability), and 1 - Traverse Tech T (color and size upon availability).
  • Every approved story equals 1 (one) entry into the Ultimate Fall Kit Giveaway.
  • Participants may enter as many times as they wish.
  • Giveaway is open to all customers worldwide.
  • Every approved entry increases your chance of winning.
  • Participants can submit more than one unique story per product, but cannot submit the same story over and over again for the same product.
  • Triple Aught Design reserves the right to decline any story or any reason.
  • Typical (but not all) causes for a story being declined : profanity, nudity in images, violence, adult content, or slander.
  • Only 1 (one) participant can win the Ultimate Fall Kit Giveaway.
  • Triple Aught Design will select at random, via a random number generator, from all the approved participants to select the winner.
  • The winner will be announced on 20191101 via our Friday Newsletter as well as sent a seperate email from Triple Aught Design.
  • Winner has 14 (fourteen) days to claim their prize or forfits their winning, at which time Triple Aught Design can close the contest or select a new winner.
  • Employees of Triple Aught Design and their family members are excluded from the Giveaway.
  • Participants agree to the above Rules and Regulations by submitting a Product Story.