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The Winkler Combat Axe HD TAD Edition maintains the lightweight skeletonized structure of its predecessor, the Winkler Combat Axe LT TAD Edition, but has a distinct handle difference: an untapered tang. This combination creates a high strength to low weight ratio and makes the axe capable of handling some of the toughest jobs one might encounter without the threat of warping or bending.

The concept behind our collaboration with Winkler Knives began a couple years ago in the backcountry. Our resident hard goods expert, Jason, was testing the limits of a high end custom hawk (specifically designed as a weapon) in alternative ways to determine the scope of its versatility and its shortcomings as a tool. From wood processing to driving tent stakes to food preparation, he was impressed with its initial usefulness and saw the opportunity to modify a weapon originally intended for the Special Operations Community into a utility tool for lightweight backpacking. Combining the attributes of multiple tools and compressing it into a compact package, we worked closely with Daniel Winkler to introduce our series of Winkler Combat Axes.

  • The shape of the handle is designed to provide comfort while minimizing weight and maximizing power. Its untapered skeletonized tang maintains its carry-ability while enhancing its striking power without sacrificing recovery time. We chose to integrate Winkler’s signature palm swell because it allows the user to choke up on the handle for better manipulation of the blade. Lastly, a further emphasized swell of the butt provides security against losing your grip during a heavy swing.
  • A sharpened inside edge makes it difficult to choke up close to the head of the axe, so for this iteration, we removed the edge to make a safer platform when using the palm swell. This alteration also allows you to hang the axe for easy storage.
  • We designed the blade to sweep more than a traditional hawk so that the user can fluidly manuever the tool with increased control, safety and leverage for close-up work.
  • The open front, felt-lined Kydex scabbard is incredibly fast and quiet. This carry position allows you to draw forward, towards the front of the sheath and away from your body. The sheath also comes with nylon belt hangers and three strategically placed hollow pins for modular carry options.
Behind the Scenes with Winkler Knives

In 1975, as part of an effort to authentically outfit himself with the equipment of an 18th century woodsman, Daniel Winkler's made his first knife. Fueled by this experience and his intrigue for early American history, Daniel worked diligently for the following decade to become a full-time bladesmith. More than twenty years later, he continues to pull inspiration from frontier America - a time when the equipment a person carried meant sustenance and survival - and successfully builds tools of uncompromising quality that preserve the heritage of utilitarian art.

Limit of 1 per customer.

Due to the nature of custom items, slight variations may occur.

By placing an order with Triple Aught Design, you are verifying that you are over 18 years of age and are aware of all local, state and federal laws regarding the possession of, or the carrying of this product. Triple Aught Design shall be held blameless for any infraction of laws made by the purchaser.


  • Blade: 80crv2 Steel with Caswel Finish
  • Sheath: Open Front, Felt-Lined Kydex Scabbard
  • Handle: Black Rubber or Tan Micarta
  • Blade Length: 2.70" (6.86 cm)
  • Blade Thickness: 0.27" (0.69 cm)
  • Handle / Scale Length: 11.00" (27.94 cm)
  • Handle Thickness: 0.64” (1.63 cm)
  • Overall Length: 13.00” (33.02 cm)
  • Without Sheath: 21.60 oz (612.35 grams)
  • With Sheath: 25.60 oz (725.75 grams)
  • Untapered Skeletonized Tang
  • Flat Grind
  • Contoured Palm Swell
  • Increased Swell at Base
  • Three Lanyard Holes
  • Open Front, Felt-Lined Kydex Scabbard Sheath
Labels & Logos
  • Chemically Etched Logos on Blade Base

Made in USA

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