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Absolutely stunning one of a kind Corax from Windy Raven. The W-2 blade has a pronounced hamon with pinned copper scales running from the ricasso down the handle.The brown waxed cotton ito is wrapped over the hammer peened copper.

A lightweight, concealable self-defense knife, the Windy Raven Corax provides effective cutting power in a very compact package. Small and concealable, this knife flies under the radar.

The short reversed edge, matched to a full sized secure handle, make for a powerful emergency cutting tool. Made from 80crv2 copper core Damascus with a black Japanese style wrap over ray skin, this knife locks in your hand. The Corax is small enough to disappear in your daily carry but strong enough to serve when called into action. Designed as a point driven defensive piece this knife is capable of heavy pull-cutting due to its reverse edge, .187” stock and incredibly well thought out handle. The sheath is just as well executed for its purpose. A minimalist fold over style Kydex sheath with a DCC Mod 2.1 clip provides for robust retention and rapid withdrawal when needed. The Windy Raven and TAD logos are hand stamped on opposing sides of the blade.


  • Designed with a point-driven methodology in mind, the blade shape is reminiscent of a tooth or claw. The angles of the handle line up with the tip for effective curving and linear striking.

  • The well contoured handle is wrapped in a Japanese style cord over jutte, which provides outstanding grip security while still being comfortable.

  • The compact handle provides the right angles for effective curving and linear strikes leading with the point, and is equally suitable for either forward or reverse grip.

  • The compact Kydex sheath system conceals the Corax readily under almost any cover garment. It can be carried inside the waistband on its DDC Mod 2.1 Short Clip, known for robust retention.  

  • The Copper scales have been stamped with both TAD and Windy Raven Logos

Behind the Scenes with Windy Raven Knives 

Aaron Buford came to Montana from Alabama due to a love of the mountains and ice climbing. Over the last several years he has been honing his craft of knifemaking, citing the late RW Wilson that helped start his path.

Today, he uses these skills and techniques in his offgrid cabin to create effective and concealable knives.

Due to the nature of custom knives, slight variations may occur. Item does not qualify for discount or promotion. Limited to one per household.

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Blade: W-2 w Copper Scales

Handle: Brown Cord Wrap over Copper

Sheath: Kydex with Steel DCC Clip


Blade Length: 2.75" ( 6.985cm)

Blade Width: .187”

Handle Length: 4.25" (10.79 cm)

OAL: 7" (17.78 cm)


Without Sheath: 4 oz ( 113.3grams)

With Sheath: 5.76 oz ( 163.5grams)


Reverse Edge W-2 w Hamon and Copper Scales

Brown Japanese style Cord Wrap Over Copper

Multi-Position Kydex Sheath with DCC Mod 2.1 Clip

Stamped TAD and Windy Raven Logo

Made in the USA