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When the weather cools down, our body temperature and comfort level are disproportionately affected by our head and neck. To complement our Warden Watch Cap, we built an oversized, densely knit 100% Merino Wool Scarf to keep you warm and comfortable on wintery adventures.

Generously sized at 70” long and 11” wide, the Warden Scarf provides exceptional coverage and timeless style. Warden is knitted from premium grade MAPP Merino wool which is finer, softer, more insulating, and more breathable than traditional wool.

Suggested knot styles :



70” x 11”


100% Knit Merino Wool

Content: 2/30NM Merino Wool

Gauge : 7gg Full Needle (7 stitches per inch)

21.5 Micron Wool is Fine grade

Made in Italy

  • Active Merino

    Merino has a unique ability to regulate body temperature. During exertion or warm weather, it wicks away moisture from your body and releases it on the surface. This evaporation mechanism has a cooling effect, enhancing comfort while keeping you dry. To help you stay warm in cold weather, the air pockets in the Merino fibers trap body heat to provide insulation. This adaptive capability makes merino wool garments highly flexible, which is critical if you need to count on a small set of gear to handle unpredictable conditions. Merino is also naturally fire retardant and odor resistant, providing a measure of assurance when outdoors or in the field.

  • Care Instruction

    Designed to fit comfortably and for easy care at home. Wash warm, tumble dry low and have the garment come out just the right size.

Customer Stories

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