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Limit of 2 per customer

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** This edition features Predator topo pattern with a glow in the dark Ranger Eye**

The folding knife and the handkerchief have been the primary components of everyday carry for generations. Both are multipurpose items, able to serve in a myriad of unique roles throughout the day. It’s this characteristic that earns them a place in our pockets.

Uzin Hanks makes some of the finest handkerchiefs today. Made from hand selected patterns and crafted in Miami, Florida. Each limited edition hank comes with a custom heat colored ranger eye with both Uzin and TAD’s logos. 


  • Two piece patterned fabric 

  • Removable Ranger Eye

  • Hand Crafted in the USA

Behind the Scenes with UZIN Hanks

UZIN Hanks was started as a hobby in 2016 by Norris Sealy. Originally an escape from working in a high risk environment during the day, UZIN Hanks has quickly garnered acclaim in the industry.

Limit of 2 per customer.


  • 100% Patterned Cotton

  • Zirconium Ranger Eye

  • 12”X 12”

  • Two Piece Cotton Construction

  • Dragon Opposite Cloud Pattern

  • Removable Ranger Eye in Zirconium

  • Labels & Logos

  • Laser Etched Triple Aught Design & UZIN Hanks Logos on Ranger Eye

Cut and Sewn in USA