Eighth Mid (5.25" x 6.50" x 3.50"); 119 cubic inches
Ultralight Storage, Breathable Security & Visibility
Example of Eighth Variation Cube Loadout
Example of Quarter Variation Cube Loadout
Example of Half Variation Cube Loadout
Cube Variations (L to R) : Short (1.75" Height), Mid (3.50" Height), Tall (5.00" Height)
Eighth Short (5.25" x 6.50" x 1.75"); 60 cubic inches
Eighth Tall (5.25" x 6.50" x 5.00"); 171 cubic inches
Quarter Short (10.50" x 6.50" x 1.75"); 119 cubic inches
Quarter Mid (10.50" x 6.50" x 3.50"); 239 cubic inches
Quarter Tall (10.50" x 6.50" x 5.00"); 341 cubic inches
Half Short (13.00" x 10.50" x 1.75"); 239 cubic inches
Half Mid (13.00" x 10.50" x 3.50"); 478 cubic inches
Half Tall (13.00" x 10.50" x 5.00"); 683 cubic inches

Transport Cube Airflow



: Black x


  • Eighth
  • Quarter
  • Half


  • Short
  • Mid
  • Tall


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The Airflow editions of our Transport Cubes use durable mesh to provide ultralight storage, breathable security and visibility. Airflow Cubes can be mounted directly to Helix-equipped containers, PALS webbing, or used by themselves to help you organize and access your gear.

  • Helix Attachment System

    Inspired by the intermodal container system, our Helix (HX) attachment system provides a lightweight, modular solution for configuring storage platforms. Helix supports standardized, interconnecting modules which can be configured as fixed or railed storage, a multitude of compression and attachment options, and paneled storage configurations.

  • VX-21 RS & BERRY Compliant Mesh
Zippers & Hardware
  • All Zippers are YKK® Zippers
  • Zippered Clamshell Opening
  • Ventilated for Items That Need to Breathe
  • Secures to Helix, MOLLE and PALS Webbing
  • Built to MIL-SPEC Construction Standards
Made in USA



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