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The Suku modifies a normal spork by lengthening the teeth and slimming the width of the spoon, creating a utensil slightly more fork than spoon without removing the cupped base. Inspired by traditional Japanese ramen -- an easily prepared meal on a single-person mountaineering stove -- the Suku’s extra tine length grabs a hold of slippery noodles and pastas that end up loitering at the bottom of your mug. This compact cutlery also features a Meshitaki scale engraved on the back side of the handle to accurately measure water depth during rice cooking and a flattened edge helps to scrape every last bite. Our edition comes with our signature topo pattern laser engraved on the entire utensil.





Overall Length 6.35 in. (16.13 cm)

Body Width 1.25 in. (3.18 cm)


0.55 oz (15.59 grams)


All-Titanium Construction Means No Rust or Corrosion, Non-Magnetic, and Won't Conduct Heat While Cooking

Laser Engraved Topo Pattern


Made in Japan