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Mummert Knives call’s these their Millennium Patch due to the robust nature in which they are built, guaranteeing the mark for 1000 years. The Titanium Patch is made from a .063" thick 6-4 titanium blank, which is tumbled over 24 hours for a smooth, iridescent finish. A laser then deeply engraves our graphics in a very time intensive process. The edges are hand finish to a 400 grit satin finish. Finally, 3M hook backing is permanently applied. The result is a very detailed and durable finished patch.

**Due to the intense heat of the laser on darker colorways, slight bowing of the edge may occur**

Behind the Scenes with Mummert Knives

Mummert Knives believes in crafting tools that are an extension of the user. Founded as a custom knife shop in 2011, all designs are handmade by Marc Mummert in his small shop in southern California. Mummert believes in sourcing all materials from American dealers and supporting local business for cutting and engraving work. Due to his proximity to the ocean he focuses on materials that are durable and able to endure in harsh environments.

Limit of 2 per customer.



6AL4V Titanium


3” Diameter


. 854 oz ( 24.21 grams)


Laser Engraved TAD Graphic  

Graphite and Titanium Finish

3M hook backing with permanently bonding

Labels & Logos

Laser Etched Triple Aught Design Graphic

Made in USA