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Extremely limited quantities for Dogpatch Warehouse Sale we are offering a few Timascus Ti Eyes on line.  The Timascus material has a naturally occurring pattern, not unlike our Topo. Timascus combined with our Skull Cave presents a striking image.

Traditionally, Ranger Eyes are used to help identify friend from foe. Designed to attach to your jacket or pack, our Ti Eyes are custom made in small batches by Marc Mummert out of his California shop. Built from hand-selected sheets of grade 5 titanium, each Ti Eye blank is precision waterjet cut and tumbled in an abrasive ceramic media for eight hours. After tumbling, a 20 watt fiber laser deep-etches our logo. Finally, the titanium is heat anodized on a 1” thick titanium disc over a high flame for an even and consistent color. The result is a durable, case-hardened finish with a subtle, muted bronze logo on a matte background.

Behind the Scenes with Mummert Knives

Mummert Knives believes in crafting tools that are an extension of the user. Founded as a custom knife shop in 2011, all designs are handmade by Marc Mummert in his small shop in southern California. Mummert believes in sourcing all materials from American dealers and supporting local business for cutting and engraving work. Due to his proximity to the ocean he focuses on materials that are durable and able to endure in harsh environments.

Limit of 2 per customer.



6AL4V Titanium


.90”x .90”


. 144 oz ( 4.2 grams)


Laser Engraved TAD Graphic

Hand Polished  Finish

3M hook backing with permanently bonding

Labels & Logos

Laser Etched Triple Aught Design Graphic

Made in USA

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