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Cast from a legacy of adventure, the Talisman was custom built for yours.

From vintage motorcycle journeys to adventures on the high seas, waxed cotton jackets are timeless and storied garments. The Talisman reimagines this icon of style and capability with a refined balance of elegant geometry and heritage materials for the modern adventurer.

Durably constructed and fully finished, the Talisman is a formidable partner for your daily adventures and beyond pavement's edge.



Cleaning instructions:

Brush off any dirt or grit
Sponge down with cold water
Do not use soap, detergents
Do not machine wash, Do not dry clean, Do not Iron, Do not tumble

How often you re-wax your jacket depends on how often the jacket is worn, for regular use, it is recommended re-waxing once per year. Information on how to re- proof your jackets is below. Tins of wax can be purchased from ourselves.

How to re-proof your wax product:

1.You require a pan of hot water and soft cloth or sponge.
2. Choose a warm room or outside on a hot day.
3. Stand the tin in hot water to soften dressing.
4. Work the dressing well into the garment using the cloth or sponge. 5. Pay attention to seams, creases and dry patches.

6. Rub in well, don’t just paint on.
7. Do not use excess dressing.
8. For a 'factory' finish, blow evenly with a hairdryer. 9. Hang the garment overnight in a warm place.

Never use hot water, detergents, solvents or soap. Do not dry clean or machine wash

  • Relaxed Fit

  • 100% Cotton

    • Halley Stevensons waxed cotton from Dundee Scotland

    • 180 grams/meter2 Ventile® cotton

  • YKK metal zippers

  • Mesh grommets

Closure Configuration
  • Cuffs: Dual Snap Adjustable

  • Front: Snap Closure with Metal Zipper

  • Stowable Ventile® hood: Metal zipper

Patterning & Construction
  • DWR-treated 100% Cotton liner

  • Fully finished

Hem Configuration
  • Drop-tail Hem

Product Care
  • Do Not Wash

  • Do Not Bleach

  • Do Not Tumble Dry

  • Do Not Iron

  • Brush off any dirt

  • Do not dry clean

***How often you need to re-wax your jacket depends on how often it’s worn. For regular use, it’s recommended to reproof once a year.***

For reproofing, use Halley Stevensons reproofing tins. Available for purchase by calling our Customer Support.

Cut and Sewn in USA



Both the waxed cotton shell and the stowable Ventile hood provide natural protection from the elements.



Traditional snap-down pockets with concealed gussets provide ample storage on the exterior.

Internal Storage

Internal Storage

A zippered interior pocket secures critical items.



A relaxed fit paired with a ¾ zip and drop-tail hem provide mobility without impeding coverage. Intricate, mosaic piecing modernizes this timeless style for tomorrow's adventures.

Waxed Cotton

Waxed Cotton

Initially developed by sailors in the 19th century, waxed cotton technology has stood the test of time. Densely woven canvas is impregnated with paraffin wax to create a breathable but waterproof shell that is both soft and supple. Waxed cotton ages with use, recording an account of past adventures in its marks and creases. The proofing can be maintained over time by applying wax to the surface.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature Regulation

Mesh grommets located in the under arms provide venting.



Snap closers at the collar and cuffs allow the Talisman to be adjusted to optimize comfort, protection from the elements, and mobility.

Reproofing Wax

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