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**This is the first edition of the variable spaced slot attachment. With Mummerts new, patent pending design this clip now fits rivet spacing from 1” to 1.5" **

Not happy with the current offerings for high strength and low profile sheath retention, Marc Mummert designed the simple and strong Ti Clip. Custom made out of 6AI-4V titanium, the Ti Clips are hand bent under extreme heat providing solid retention that is guaranteed for life. The design is ideal for IWB as well as pocket carry, and the low profile design helps the tool disappear from sight. Fitting 1’ to 1.5” hole spacing is compatible with most sheaths  Our edition comes with our signature topo pattern lasered onto the clip body.

Behind the Scenes with Mummert Knives

Mummert Knives believes in crafting tools that are an extension of the user. Founded as a custom knife shop in 2011, all designs are handmade by Marc Mummert in his small shop in southern California. Mummert believes in sourcing all materials from American dealers and supporting local business for cutting and engraving work. Due to his proximity to the ocean he focuses on materials that are durable and able to endure in harsh environments.

Limit of 2 per customer.



6AL4V Titanium


Height: 2.41” (6.14 cm)

Width :  (Across front clip and back post)  1.08” ( 2.74 cm)

Thickness : .039”  ( .102 cm)


. 48 oz ( 13.66 grams)


Laser Engraved Topo Graphic  

1’ to 1.5” holes spacing fit most sheaths

Comes with black oxide coated, stainless steel mounting hardware

Labels & Logos

Laser Etched Mummert Logo

Made in USA

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