The Scott Campbell Collection

“Almost exactly ten years ago, I wandered onto Bagram Air Force base looking to tattoo people that really needed tattoos. I was frustrated with what tattooing had become in pop culture. I felt like my oldest friend was being beaten to death by reality shows and Hot Topic. I wanted to go as far as I could in the other direction and put my hands to use serving a real, primal emotional purpose. I figured Bagram was a good place to hang out with, and offer my services to, people who's shit was truly hitting the fan. It took me about 12 hours of wandering the base to run into a rescue unit known as the the PJ's (Para Jumpers).

I was immediately humbled by their tired eyes, and they've been a huge part of my life ever since that day. MSgt. Roger Sparks was the first of the PJ team I met, and when I shook his hand, he had only been back on the ground a few minutes from Operation : Bulldog Bite. (You can and should google the operation, it was a complete shit show, and he and the team were still covered in American blood and guts since it was their job to fix people and things when things go wrong.) Anyway... Roger walked me into their barracks as if i was family, and I tattooed him and the whole team day and night for the next week. I ended up leaving them my tattoo gear to play with and helped Rog learn how to properly tattoo when he got back stateside. He tattoos daily up in Anchorage Alaska, where he is based and does mountain rescue with the PJ's there. He has dragged my civilized ass all over the Alaskan backcountry, and taught me how to do countless manly things that I missed out on growing up. He's inspired me in many ways over the years. This collaboration being one of them...." - Scott Campbell