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Pharos Marker

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  • Raw
  • Black Ano
  • Weathered
  • Black Ano/Machined


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Inspired by markers used in the military for friend or foe identification, the Pharos Marker is a webbing-compatible, glow-in-the-dark marking device. Easily attach the Pharos Marker to pack straps, PALS webbing or any other webbing up to 1 inch wide for easy identification of your gear in the dark.

Our custom built glow tube is filled with the most advanced glow-in-the-dark compound available. Optimized for maximum brightness and longevity, this compound will lose only 5% of its ability to glow after 10 years. The 3 mm x 22.5 mm chamber is also compatible with common tritium vials available on the market, which glow continuously for at least 10 years.

Marker glow tubes should be charged via UV light or CFL Daylight bulbs before use.

Designed in Partnership with F5 Designs

The small team behind F5 Designs have been exploring the world of carry gear since 2011. Using their expertise in design and new developments in 3D printing technology, they have pursued uncommon ideas and pushed the limits of what was possible with traditional manufacturing.

  • Aluminum  Type 2 Black Anodized with Machine Finish

  • Copper  Machined finish

  • Height: .425“

  • Width : .664”

  • Length: 1.29”

  • Aluminum: .32 oz

  • Copper: .92 oz

Labels & Logos
  • Laser TAD and F5 Logos


Made in USA



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