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The NIKWAX Softshell DUO-Pack includes everything you need to revitalize and maintain softshell garments. Consisting of NIKWAX Tech Wash and NIKWAX Softshell Proof, the DUO-Pack will safely clean and revive the breathability and Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating on softshells.

Note that wash-in NIKWAX Softshell Proof should not be used on garments with wicking liners.


  1. Clean garment with NIKWAX Tech Wash. No need to dry.

  2. Place clean item in washing machine.

  3. Apply Softshell Proof in the machine’s dispenser.

  4. Select a normal wash cycle, start machine and complete rinse cycle.

  5. Drip-dry or tumble dry low as per care label.