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The shemagh's history dates back thousands of years beginning with the first settlements of the Fertile Crescent and surrounding desert environments of the Middle East. It has owned many names through the ages but has always served the same purpose: to protect the wearer year-round from harsh environmental conditions by keeping sun, snow, wind, sand and dust out of the wearer's eyes, face and neck.


  • 44.50" L X 39.50" W
  • 100% Long Staple Cotton Weave
  • Rectangular with Fringe Trim

Made in India

  • Multi-Purpose

    The shemagh is a multi-purpose garment that can be worn as a head wrap or scarf to either retain heat in cold weather or absorb sweat and shield the neck during hot, sunny conditions. It can function as a rope, a towel, a pouch for carrying equipment, an arm sling, or a small sunshade. Shemaghs quickly and easily transforms to meet the task at hand.

Customer Stories

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