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Bob Kasper designed the Scorpion to be a larger alternative to his well known Companion , while still maintaining the comfort and concealability of its smaller cousin. Designed to be the ultimate balance between size and effectiveness, the Scorpion features a longer blade with a hollow ground and tapered tang, keeping the knife well balanced in the hand. An unsharpened swedge travels the full length of the spine, terminating in a steep, serrated thumb ramp. The deep finger groove and flared pommel provide instantaneous indexing and a secure grip.  Like the Companion, the Scorpion is a renowned fighting knife, favored among discerning users and special mission units worldwide.

Handle : Designed to provide superb control both during the draw and in use, the Scorpion’s 3D sculpted handle is an ergonomic work of art. Control during the draw means proper indexing from the initial grip, through unsheathing, to guard or contact. The low-profile handle features a deep, single finger groove, palm swell, pommel flare, and a pinkie hook which locks the knife into the hand and eliminates indexing problems.

Blade: A modified Persian-style S30V blade featuring a recurved primary edge and an unsharpened swedge, the Scorpion’s aggressive blade profile provides excellent tip alignment in both forward and reverse grip.

Carry : A perfect companion to AIWB (appendix inside-the-waistband) pistol carry, the Scorpion is designed to be carried inside the waistband with a rearward cant along the pelvic crease. It disappears against your body and is comfortable and ambidextrously accessible even when seated. The kydex sheath comes with a S hook, J hook and belt loop attachments to offer multiple carry options to meet the need at hand.

Behind the Scenes with Bob Kasper

Bob Kasper was an internationally respected writer and combatives instructor. A Marine Corp veteran and student of several martial arts, Kasper combined his interest in WW2 combatives and Eastern martial arts to author the close quarter knife curriculum for the Marine Corp and create Kni-Com, a modern school of instruction of knife fighting. Bob Kasper passed in 2006, but his influence lives on in modern training among units within the Department of Defense and Department of State.

Behind the Scenes with Crawford Handmade Knives

Pat has been building knives since 1972. He became a member of the Knifemakers Guild in 1973 and never looked back. Pat was of the first to create skeletonized handles and further elevate his work with the use of titanium. He raised his son Wes to also build knives and continue the work Pat has so tirelessly championed.

Limit of 2 per customer.

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Blade: S30V With Tungsten DLC

Handle / Scales: Black G10

Hardware: Recessed Micro Screws


Blade Length: 4.58” ( 11.63cm)

Blade Thickness: .157” (.398cm)

Handle / Scale Length: 4.94”  (12.54cm)

Handle Thickness:  .513”  ( 1.3cm) (Thickest point at Handle Swell)

Overall Length:  9.52” ( 24.18cm)


Without Sheath:  7.72oz ( grams)

With Sheath:  10.99 oz ( grams)


S30V Modified Persian Blade With DLC Coating

Unsharpened Swedge

Tungsten DLC Coating

Deep Finger Groove

Aggressive Jimping on Blade & Tang

Kydex Sheath With Belt Loops & Inside Belt Loop “J” and “S”Hooks

Labels & Logos

Laser Etched Triple Aught Design Logo

Diamond Drag Crawford Logo

Made in USA