CTX-HXP Stainless Steel with a Chisel-Ground Ulu Blade
Overall Length 4.00" with a Blade Thickness of 0.16"
Weight with Included Kydex Sheath 1.51 Ounces


: Stainless x


Limit of 1 per customer

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It’s not everyday that a knifemaker decides to condense the idea and capability of a hatchet into something you carry around your neck. The Joseph Bowen Micro Hatchet TAD Edition is widely sought after due to its precision engineering, fine craftsmanship, and the functionality of its micro-Inuit style CTX-HXP Stainless Steel blade. Put this compact blade to the test and take advantage of Joseph Bowen’s Micro Hatchet.

  • With the combination of CTX-HXP Stainless Steel and a chisel-ground ulu blade, the Micro Hatchet has a compact overall package with incredibly aggressive cutting capabilities.
  • One key advantage to the ulu blade is that it has increased grip security. Additionally, due to it’s design centering the force of impact into the middle of the blade and overall blade shape, you can cut harder objects like bones.
  • Skeletonized to reduce weight, the knife features one large center hole to aid in different grip retentions and positions.
  • Chamfered edges around the entire hatchet make it easy to grip and reduce any potential fray with 550 Paracord.
  • Despite it’s size, the knife is just as comfortable with a three-finger grip or in reverse grip.
  • A Kydex slip sheath was designed to be worn around the neck. In addition to reducing weight, the back holes can be used for a lanyard.
Behind the Scenes with Joseph Bowen Knives

With a family history as blacksmiths and commercial fishermen, Joseph Bowen learned at a young age the importance of a good knife. Over the years while on his way to becoming a professional tattoo artist, his interest in knives never waned. He took side jobs as a blacksmith and refined his woodworking and leather tooling skills. With the help of a chance encounter, Joseph for the last few years has spent all of his time and energy into his knife making, learning the ropes from the legendary Mike Snody.

Limit of 1 per customer.

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  • Blade: CTX-HXP Stainless Steel
  • Slip Sheath: Kydex Slip Sheath
  • Blade Length: 2.63" (6.65 cm)
  • Blade Thickness: 0.16" (0.41 cm)
  • Overall Length:  4.00" (10.16 cm)
  • Blade: 2.02 oz (57.26 grams)
  • With Sheath: 2.61 oz (73.99 grams)
  • Blade Type: Ulu
  • Chisel Ground with Swedge
  • Large Center Hole for Different Grip Positions
  • Kydex Sheath for Neck Carry
  • Compatible with Tek Lok
Labels & Logos
  • Chemically Etched Triple Aught Design on Blade Base

Made in USA