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The Hinderer Knives Slip Joint is the answer to the growing worldwide need for a pocket knife that passes the scrutiny of many restrictive laws for local and international carry. Starting with profile of the XM18, Rick Hinderer replaced the framelock with a slip joint to meet the needs of jurisdictions that ban locking knives. The thumb stud was then replaced with an innovative channel for a thumb disk. This channel serves to allow the user to place the disk in their prefered spot, or remove it completely and use the channel as a nail nick. The Slip Joint includes all the same great ergonomics and toughness that the XM18 is known for.

Rick Hinderer developed the XM18 design as a balance point between a gentleman’s style EDC and an aggressive tactical knife. Built with a full titanium frame for strength and a slicer blade profile for all around utility, the Hinderer Knives Slip Joint’s overall shape also serves as an ergonomic advantage. The knife fits naturally into the hand, situating the centerline of the blade parallel to the curvature of your palm making the grip easy to leverage and control. Along with its impressive balance and incredibly robust build quality, the Slip Joint tackles a wide variety of tasks with ease.

  • The Slip Joint features a full titanium frame construction with G10 overlays. Updated with an internal stop pin, the Slip Joint is a strong and durable platform.

  • Hinderer’s superb attention to detail shines in the accumulation of small considerations. From a durable, working finish across all hardware components to the abundant amount of jimping on the main contact points to the extra effort of cleanly turned down standoffs, this knife is more than a simple tool. Its balance between aesthetics, ergonomics and usefulness are evidence of Hinderer’s unique design foundation based on both art and tactical knives.

  • Hinderer Knives are well known for their customization potential. Each Hinderer has built in features that allow the user to personalize their knife with custom screw plates, scales and/or lanyards. The pocket clip is also designed for either tip up or tip down carry with an uncommon, but visually pleasing plate insert that can be filled in with a custom component.

  • The innovative thumb disk channel allows the user to set the disk at their prefered spot or remove it completely and use the channel as a nail nick.

  • Our signature topo pattern has been fully lasered on both the titanium lock side and the G10 slab.

Behind the Scenes with Hinderer Knives

Almost 30 years ago, Rick Hinderer began his knife making journey by crafting art knives in a small 14’ x 18’ turkey coop. After becoming a firefighter, EMT and rescue diver, Rick leveraged his personal experiences to create and test hard-use, tactical folders. As his design philosophy evolved, so did his construction techniques. He transitioned from his original old world knife making techniques into a more modernized approach by using CNC precision manufacturing. With a dedication to artisanship and a meticulous attention to detail as a foundation, this unusual perspective between art and utility has allowed him to design extremely comfortable knives that are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. All of Hinderer’s products are engineered to go the distance when it counts the most - whether it be when a life is on the line or when you need a reliable cutting tool.

Limit of 2 per customer.

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  • Blade: CPM 20CV

  • Handle: Textured G10

  • Liners & Pocket Clip: Titanium

  • Blade Length: 3.00" (7.63 cm)

  • Blade Thickness: 0.10" (0.27 cm)

  • Handle / Scale Length: 4.07" (10.34 cm)

  • Handle Thickness: 0.40” ( 1.20cm)

  • Overall Length: 7.07” ( 17.96cm)

  • 3.65 oz (103.6grams)

  • Slicer Blade Profile

  • Stonewash Finish on Blade and Handle

  • Topo Pattern Lasered on G10 Scales

  • Reversible Pocket Clip for Tip Up or Tip Down Carry

  • Lanyard Compatible

  • Customizable Screw Plates and Scales

  • Movable Thumb disk

Labels & Logos
  • Laser Etched Hinderer Knives Logo on Blade Base

Made in USA