Hinderer Investigator Pen TAD Edition

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Limit of 2 per customer

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This edition debuts the Stainless Steel Stonewash Topo pattern body for an incredibly durable and compact package.

The Investigator Pen is Rick Hinderer’s compact follow-up to the wildly successful Extreme Duty Pen. It is small enough to always have with you but overbuilt to work when you need it. The pen has been designed to be comfortable for a wide variety of hand sizes even though it is not much bigger than the Fisher Space Pen refill contained within.  Following the DNA of the Extreme Duty Pen, the end is modular and the attached bullet tip can be switched out for other accessories available from Hinderer Knives. This edition features a lightweight aluminum build and black or OD anodized  finish with the signature Triple Aught Design laser-etched topo pattern on the body.

Unique to the Triple Aught Design edition of the Investigator is our laser-etched Topo pattern on the body.

Limit of 2 per customer.


Style: Screw Cap Ball Point Pen Pen


17-4 Stainless Steel

Overall Length:4.42 ” (11.2 cm)

Body Width: 0.35” (8.89 cm)

Weight: 1.3.ounces ( 36.9 grams)

Ink Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen  (Included)

Made in USA
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