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Grant and Gavin, the father and son team behind G&G Hawk, continually push the envelope of innovation and craftsmanship. The working methodology behind G&G Hawk is elegant and refined aesthetics paired with clever mechanisms that render complex problems into simple, beautiful solutions.

The Multi Utility Dirt Defiant, or MUDD, is a practical hard use knife that thrives in adverse conditions with minimal maintenance. Drop the knife in the mud, pick it up, and shake off what doesn’t fall out of the open back design. The pivot has dual urethane seals that are impervious to dust, mud, water etc. The Hawk Lock mechanism is encased in a silicone rubber bellows. Combined with the CTS-204P blade and all titanium hardware in black cerakote, this creates a defiant package that lives up to its name. Thoughtful ergonomics and oversized thumbstuds aid in gloved deployment. The oversized thumbstuds act as a “thumb trap” when bearing down in less than ideal conditions, keeping your thumb on the spine of the blade.  The pocket clip utilizes a patented two piece design that leverages against the tension for a secure hold, but easy withdrawal.

This edition of the MUDD knife is an incredibly well crafted mid-tech, blurring the lines with custom quality.  Available exclusively in the OD green G10 and black cerakote combination, the Hawk MUDD TAD Edition is a reliable field companion in austere conditions.

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  • The innovative Hawk Lock System, provides easy one-handed operation and a secure, smooth lock and silicone rubber bellows exclusive to the MUDD.

  • Pivot encased in dual urethane seals.

  • Smooth G10 slabs on the handle are crafted onto a titanium frame and pocket clip

  • The blade is made from highly corrosion- and wear-resistant CTS-204P steel.

  • Patented Grip-Clip pocket clip. The two-piece design functions as a lever which makes opening and closing the clip incredibly simple and secure.

  • TAD Exclusive OD G10 and black cerakoted hardware

  • Oversized thumbstuds.

Behind the Scenes with G&G Hawk

The Hawk Philosophy is simple: do what you love and do it differently. You can’t get anywhere by copying anyone.

Grant and Gavin Hawk have been making knives together since 1995 in Idaho City, an old gold mining camp of the mid 1800's. Previously a traveling prospector who lived out of a traditional teepee, Grant began casually making fixed blade knives for a small local market of hunters and horsemen after the decline of the mining industry in the early nineties. His son, Gavin, was right behind him, picking up the craft along the way. As their designs evolved and began to attract the knife world after only a few years, their casual participation grew into one of the industry’s most respected knife design companies. Today, they work out of the same workshop they started in, barn on the outside and sophisticated machine shop on the inside.

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Blade: CTS-204P Steel

Handle / Scales: G10 Handle Slabs in OD Green

Hardware: Hawk Lock Design, Two-Piece Pocket Clip: 6AL4V Titanium


Blade Length: 3.30" (8.38 cm)

Blade Thickness: 0.158" (0.40 cm)

Handle / Scale Length: 4.55" (11.56 cm)

Handle Thickness: 0.69" (1.72 cm)

Overall Length: 7.85" (19.94 cm)


5.29 oz (150.4g)


Two-Piece Titanium Pocket Clip

Modified Bayonet Point with Swedge and Hollow Grind

Hawk Lock System

Cerakote on Blade, Frame,Pocket Clip & Hardware

Labels & Logos

Laser-Etched TAD Logo and G&G Hawk Logo on Blade

Made in USA