Black 20mm
Black 22mm
Black 26mm
Grey 20mm
Coyote 22mm
Coyote 26mm
Orange 22mm/26mm



  • 20mm
  • 22mm
  • 26mm

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Garmin QuickFit bands let you change your watch’s look and feel in a snap.

Just swap, click and go with 20mm, 22 mm, or 26mm lug width watches.

It's easy to switch, and always secure. No tools required.


Garmin Compatible Devices

Garmin Compatible Devices

D2 Delta S
Fenix 5S
Denix 5S Plus
Fenix 6S
Fenix 6S Pro and Sapphire Editions
Fenix 6S Pro Solar Edition

Approach S60
Approach S62
D2 Delta
Fenix 5
Fenix 5 Plus
Fenix 6
Fenis 6 Pro and Sapphire Editions
Fenix 6 Pro Solar Edition
Forerunner 935
Forerunner 945
Instinct Tactical Edition
Instinct Solar
Instinct Solar Camo Edition
Instinct Solar Surf Edition
Instinct Solar Tactical Edition
MARQ Adventurer
MARQ Athlete
MARQ Aviator
MARQ Captain
MARQ Captain American Magic Edition
MARQ Commander
MARQ Driver
MARQ Golfer
MARQ Limited Edition Signature Set
Quatix 5
Quatix 5 Sapphire
Quatix 6
Quatix 6 Titanium

D2 Bravo
D2 Charlie
D2 Delta PX
Descent MK1
Fenix 3
Fenix 3 HR
Fenix 3 Sapphire
Fenix 5x
Fenix 5x Plus
Fenix 6x
Foretrex 601
Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition
Quatix 3
Quatix 6x Solar
Tactix Bravo
Tactix Charlie
Tactix Delta Sapphire Edition
Tactix Delta Solar Edition
Tactix Delta Solar Edition w/ Ballistics

Non-Garmin Compatibility

Non-Garmin Compatibility

Any watch with standard spring bar assembly should work with the Garmin Quick Fit TAD Edition. The watch case cut may dictate how tight or loose the strap fits against the case. DO NOT use the Garmin Quick Fit TAD Edition on your non-Garmin watch if the connector clip on the back of the strap cannot fully enclose around the spring bar.

Sangin Instruments Merlin TAD Edition Compatible

Sangin Instruments Merlin TAD Edition Compatible

For Sangin Instruments Merlin TAD Edition owners, the Garmin QuickFit Strap TAD Edition in 20mm will fit, snugly, yet securely on your Merlin.

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