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Limited Edition batch of 200 units total.

The Gambit Driving Glove are our take on the classic, full finger riding and driving gloves of old. Handmade in California in numbered batches, they’re elegantly detailed, comfortable, and suitable for driving, cycling, and use anywhere in the city.


As you wear your gloves in they will adjust to the size & shape of your hands.

Numbers by size indicate widest width of palm in inches (see diagram).

XS (7- 7.5)

S (7.5-8)

M (8.5)

L (9)

XL (9.5-10)

2XL (10.5-11)

Girl in a jacket

Pittards Leather

Pittards WR100X technology imparts impressive levels of water and perspiration resistance to leather goods for extended comfort and long-lasting flexibility.

The WR100X tanning process permanently protects the leather fibres, both limiting its water uptake and helping to reduce damage from perspiration. It does this without blocking the structure, allowing the leather to maintain its natural breathability.

About Philleywood

Philleywood founder Paul Wood designs, develops and produces modern products with an integrity, quality and style that echoes ages past. Whether it’s Philleywood’s luxury batch-built gloves, or apparel and accessories designed and developed for other brands over the past three decades, Paul puts the same considered approach, care and attention to detail into everything he does.



Made in USA

TAD Edition

TAD Edition

Custom debossed topo with inlaid TAD and Philleywood logo

Touch Screen Compatible

Touch Screen Compatible

Touch screen conductivity leather at thumb & index finger for smartphone use without removing gloves.

Secured Closure

Secured Closure

Leather covered snap button at wrist pull strap ensures a snug and secure fit.

Vented Comfort

Vented Comfort

Elegant pique stitched fingers gives a neat and classic finish. The signature hole punch design at the index finger allows for airflow.



Light palm/thumb padding stitched to leather for responsive comfort.