100 Year Shelf-Life. 3.87", Matte black Finish and Fisher Rubber Comfort Grip™.
Writes Over Fingerprints, Over Wet Paper, In a Vacuum, Upside Down and -30 to +200 degrees C

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Anything can happen. You could find yourself needing to jot down field notes in the Arctic Tundra or Death Valley, underwater, in zero gravity, in a rain forest, while hanging upside down, or while covered in axle grease. You need a pen that’s going to perform no matter what.

What sets a Fisher Space Pen TAD Edition apart from other pens is the technology, starting with a non-skip, textured tungsten-carbide ball encased in a stainless steel ball socket. The sealed ink cartridge is pressured at about 45 psi and contains a visco-elastic, thixotropic, solid-gel ink.

The Trekker, with its built-in key ring, was made to go anywhere. The Trekker was designed to accompany you on your adventures, attaching to your zipper pulls, packs, inside jacket pockets, belt loops or around your neck on a lanyard string. Included is a carabiner and break-away lanyard to keep it within reach. It comes with the Triple Aught Design logo laser etched onto it.


  • Style: Snap Off Cap
  • Length: 3.875”
  • .375” Diameter
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Fisher Rubber Comfort Grip™
  • Nitrogen Pressurized Ink Cartridge
  • 100 Year Shelf-Life
  • Visco-Elastic, Thixotropic, Permanent-Type Ink
  • Polished Tungsten Carbide Ball Texturized with Diamond Dust and Craded in a SS Socket and Protective Heavy Duty Beveled Rim
Extreme Writing Conditions
  • Over Fingerprints
  • Over Wet Paper
  • In a Vacuum
  • Upside Down
  • -30 to +200 degrees C

Made in USA