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This Edition TiNy Bolt is our exclusive titanium topo pattern in extremely limited quantities

The TiNy Bolt is Brian Fellhoelter’s second iteration of the wildly successful TiBolt Pen. Measuring a full 1.5” shorter than the full-length TiBolt, the TiNy Bolt has all the same features of its bigger brother in a more compact package. Due to the nature of the build, the TiNy Bolt is manufactured entirely in Fellhoelter’s shop. Triple Aught Design is proud to debut the TiNy Bolt with Brian Fellhoelter.

Brian Fellhoelter created this pen with his first Kickstarter project that received an overwhelming response. It has since become ubiquitous among Fellhoelter fans due to its unique style, elegance, and heavyweight feel that takes it above and beyond the tactical pen category. This pen captured our attention due to the overwhelming simplicity of a 100% Titanium, American-made pen. The body, tip, bolt, ball, shaft, torx screws, cap, pocket clip and hidden parts are all made from Titanium. The only exception is the ink cartridge, the spring and the O-Ring. The unique bolt-action mechanism creates a tactile feel rarely found in click pens and its versatile nature makes it ideal whether used in the office environment or out in the field. 

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What sets the Triple Aught Design edition of the Ti Bolt apart includes exclusive details, such as our logo laser-etched onto its head and pocket clip for easy identification.

Limit of 2 per customer.

Due to the nature of custom items, slight variations may occur.


  • Style: Bolt-Action Mechanism Click Pen
  • Material: 6AL4V Titanium
  • Overall Length: 3.96” (10.06 cm)
  • Body Width: 0.45” (1.14 cm)
  • Weight: 1.0 ounces (28.35 grams)
  • Ink Cartridge: Lamy M22 (Included)

Made in USA

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