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This is the debut of our exclusive edition of the Brian Efros Ice T. Our TAD Edition features a modified tanto with fuller and swedge, finished in a blasted ceramic media finish. The tumbled titanium handle has our triple fullers on both sides with custom titanium pivot, thumbstud and hardware. The modern design elements of the Ice T mate perfectly with the 3D sculpted pocket clip, blind mounted with an internal stop pin for a clean looking EDC. Riding on caged bearings over a ceramic detent, the CTS-HXP blade deploys smooth and robust off the custom titanium thumbstuds. The modified Tanto profile hits a perfect balance. The acute tip gives way to a soft curve, making point to belly transition less abrupt than most tantos. While modern and angular in design, the Ice T’s framelock handle is contoured just right for a dependable and comfortable grip. While the Ice T is aesthetically striking, it is also an eminently capable cutting tool, making a perfect everyday companion.

  • Exclusive modified tanto point blade with blasted ceramic media finish

  • Tumbled  titanium framelock with triple fullers

  • Caged bearing pivot

  • Ceramic detent

  • Custom titanium pivot, backspacers and thumbstud

  • 3D sculpted titanium pocket clip

  • Internal stop pin

Behind the Scenes with Efros Knives

Brian Efros started making knives in 2008 for a straightforward reason.  He wanted to make his own knives to his specifications for the activities he did. As an avid outdoorsman and Arborist by trade, he focused on smaller fixed blades for the first seven years. By 2014 his reputation had grown to the point that he went into full time knifemaking. While he still makes fixed blades on occasion his focus is now on high performance folders with his own unique aesthetic.

Limit of 1 per customer.

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Blade: CTS- XHP

Handle:  Titanium Framelock

Internal: Caged Bearing Pivot

Pocket Clip: 3D Titanium

Hardware: Titanium


Blade Length: 3.26” (8.30 cm)

Blade Thickness: 0.127” (.324 cm)

Handle Length: 4.51” (11.46 cm)

Handle Thickness: 0.464” ( 1.18cm)

OAL: 7.86” (19.98 cm)


4.408oz ( 124.73grams)


Thumbstud Deployment on Caged Bearings

CTS - HXP Flat Ground Modified Tanto w Fuller and Swedge

3D Sculpted Titanium Pocket Clip, Right Hand Tip-Up

Triple Fullers on Tumbled Titanium Framelock

Machined Custom Pivot and Thumbstud

Internal Stop Pin

Labels & Logos

Chem Etched Triple Aught Design & Efros Knives Logos

Made in USA