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Doyle Knives and Leading Edge set out to create a timeless looking knife that was made with all the advantages of modern materials and the features of a contemporary knife. Starting with a classic profile and muted pallet, the JP Savage blends seamlessly with the modern bolster lock build. The Serpentine M390 blade is equally at home piercing or slicing. The handle itself has organic lines accented by the black micarta slabs and backspacer. The titanium bolster and frame are finished in a subdued blasted bronze. The blackened textured  thumb disk deploys an acid washed swedged drop point blade with a substantial amount of belly leading to the tip for an incredibly useful blade. Custom touches include S-curved bolsterlock with stippling on the frame, thumbdisk , backspacer, and 3D titanium pocket clip resting on standoffs. 


  • The JP Savage’s M390 drop point blade profile with full belly height and sweep affords a larger cutting edge. Combined with a three quarter swedge, the blade offers a point for piercing without detracting from the robust cutting power of the blade. 

  • Contoured black micarta slabs blend seamlessly into the S shaped bronzed titanium bolster lock.

  • The titanium frame,screws and 3D pocket clip are all anodized a subdued bronze.

  • The milled pocket clip rests on stand offs to accept a wider thickness of pocket materials.

  • The bronzed titanium backspacer, thumb disk, pocket clip and parts of the frame have been stippled for appearance and purchase. 

Behind the Scenes with Doyle Knives

At ten years old, Patrick Doyle received the book "How to make Knives" by Bob Loveless as a gift. There is no greater inspiration a child could receive, and as they say in hollywood, “the rest is history.” Patrick’s early attempts to make knives planted a seed inside him and in his 20’s after all those years, Patrick became reinvigorated with the idea of becoming a knifemaker. In 2011, Patrick launched Doyle Knives and set out to create a look and feel unique to his own ideas of what a knife should be. A Doyle Knives blade is first and foremost a cutting tool—not a showpiece—and each of his designs reflect this ethos.

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Blade: M390 Dark Acid Etch

Handle : Black Canvas Micarta w Titanium Bolsterlock

Hardware: Custom Titanium Pivot, Thumb Disk, 3D Milled Pocket Clip


Overall Length: 8.14” (20.68 cm)

Blade Length: 3.58” (9.1 cm)

Handle Length: 4.58” (11.65 cm)

Width of Handle: .570” (14.49 cm)

Weight : 4.49 ounces (127.5 grams)


M 390 Dark Acid Etch Blade  

Hollow Grind Drop Point with Three Quarter Swedge

Black Canvas Micarta Slabs

Blackened Titanium Pivot and Thumb Disk

Bronzed and Stippled Titanium Frame

3D Milled Titanium Pocket Clip on Standoffs

Labels & Logos  

Triple Aught Design Logo Chemically Etched on Blade

Made in the USA