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Inspired by the legendary Greek kopis, the Dervish Knives Ursa Minor TAD Edition is a modern take on a historical classic. One of the most adopted styles throughout history, the curved blade has seen use by numerous cultures throughout the Near East. All of these cultures witnessed the effectiveness of the design first-hand and modified it to make it their own. John Gonzalez of Dervish Knives continues this tradition with the Ursa Minor.

The two stage grind of the blade offers versatile functionality, with a thick front portion ideal for chopping and a thinner recurve suited to fine work. The profile and texturing on the handle provides an exceptional grip, while the balance keeps the knife light in the hand. With a long-standing passion for knives and swords and a degree in graphic design and illustration, John’s unique perspective yields knives with clean lines and a distinct visual beauty. The Ursa Minor is no different; this is classic Dervish at its best.

  • Heavily contoured and textured handle for a deep positive grip and retention.

  • Modified recurve Kopis style 3V blade with matte gray ceramic-washed finish.

  • Quick release Kydex sheath made from Buy Brown Sheaths

Behind the Scenes with Dervish Knives:

John Gonzalez’s passion for knives and swords began in adolescence, but it wasn’t until the late 1990’s when his interest in custom, hand-made knives began to grow. Inspired by a myriad of elegant and lethal designs from diverse cultures and eras, Gonzalez is best known for his modern interpretation of these classics. With a background in graphic design and illustration and his thorough knowledge of time-tested designs and geometries, John’s unique perspective yields knives that excel in both function and form.

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Blade: 3V Steel with “Smoke Wash” finish

Handles: Contoured and Textured OD Green G10

Sheath: Kydex Quick Release w Pull the Dot and Tek Lock

Fasteners: Stainless Steel  


Blade Length: 7.44”

Blade Width:  0.189”

Handle Length: 5.2”

Handle Width: 0.662”

OAL: 12.64”


With Sheath: 18.8 oz

WO Sheath: 13.3 oz


3V Modified Recurve Kukri  Blade

Half Swedge Grind

“Smoke Wash” Ceramic and Tumbled Finish

Deep Front Finger Groove w Half Guard

Milled G10 Slabs w Heavy Contour and Texturing

“Buy Brown Sheaths”  Quick Release Kydex w Pull the Dot Strap and Tek Lock

Logos & Labels

Milled  Triple Aught Design and Dervish Logos

Made in USA