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This one of a kind Lambert Dauntless uses sweeping curves and long lines to create a refined, yet robust and utilitarian aesthetic. Don’t be fooled by its deceptive beauty. This mid-duty folder was built to be extremely capable and handle a multitude of cutting tasks.

This extra compact edition of our Dauntless is eminently more pocketable yet retains the robust nature of the full size edition. At 7.23” overall length, the XC comes in over a half an inch shorter than even the compact edition while still retaining a 3” blade. The Nichols Damascus clipped bayonet blade has a ¾ fuller. Other features include a zirconium bolster and 3D milled pocket clip. The handle slabs and backspacer are made from vintage butterscotch paper micarta. Rounding out the list are custom pivots and hardware. The titanium pivot is anodized to a subtle two tone contrasting copper and blue with a copper collar surrounding the pivot itself. The titanium screws are anodized a deep blue. Kirby’s exemplary fit and finish leads to an exceptionally smooth action and lock up. 


  • The Nichols Damascus blade, features a modified bayonet blade with fuller and swedge. Containing substantial blade thickness for a folder this size, this stocky knife will make quick work of rugged cutting tasks.

  • Choke up on the front choil to get a secure grip. A raised thumb ramp provides better traction as you carve out fine details. 

  • The handle, with a bolstered titanium liner lock and slabs, matches Lambert’s design style. This lends to a great natural contour that nests comfortably in your hand.

  • Lambert reserved our distinct triple fullers on the presentation side of the vintage butterscotch paper micarta slabs. He also specially crafted custom titanium anodized Torx pivot screws and handle screws and chemically-etched the Triple Aught Design logo and Lambert Knives logo onto the base of the blade.

  • The pivot is custom titanium with a two tone anodization that is encircled with a copper beauty ring.

  • The contoured bolster and 3D milled pocket clip are made from blasted zirconium.

  • A new standard for Kirby is the replaceable hardened lock face insert. 

Behind the Scenes with Kirby Lambert

Kirby Lambert has always had a fascination with swords and knives. He has been making knives for twenty years, and has been doing it full time for the last ten. Kirby’s trademark style revolves around merging beauty and functionality into each knife. With the help of fellow Canadian knifemakers Greg Lightfoot and Brian Lyttle, he was able to set up his own shop and start making knives full time. Kirby has been featured in BLADE, Tactical Knives and several other publications in the last few years. His knives have garnered him "Best Tactical Folder" at both 2012 BLADE Show, as well as the 2012 Plaza Cutlery Show. Kirby continues the trend winning “Best Tactical Folder” at BLADE 2016.

By placing an order with Triple Aught Design, you are verifying that you are over 18 years of age and are aware of all local, state and federal laws regarding the possession of, or the carrying of this product. Triple Aught Design shall be held blameless for any infraction of laws made by the purchaser.




Blade: Nichols Damascus

Handle and Backspacer: Vintage Butterscotch Paper Micarta

Liner Lock: Titanium
Bolster and  Pocket Clip: Zirconium


Blade Length: 3.15” (8.02 cm)

Cutting Edge: 2.70” (6.87 cm)

Blade Thickness: 0.144” (0.367 cm)

Overall Handle Thickness: 0.59” (1.49 cm)

Overall Length:7.23” (18.36 cm)


4.06 oz (115.2 grams)


Blade Type: Bayonet Point Flipper

Hollow Grind w Hand Rubbed Finish

Zirconium Bolster, and Machined Pocket Clip

Titanium Liner Lock Construction

Raised Notched Thumb-Ramp

Tip-Up, Right Side Carry

Custom Pivot and Hardware

Vintage Butterscotch Paper Micarta Slabs and Backspacer

Hardened Lock Face Insert

Logos & Labels

Chemically Etched Triple Aught Design Logo and Lambert on Blade 

Made in Canada

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