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This is the debut of the first Dauntless neck knife, made for us by Kirby Lambert.  Lambert’s Dauntless uses sweeping curves and long lines to create a refined, yet robust and utilitarian aesthetic. Don’t be fooled by its deceptive beauty, this compact neck knife was built to be extremely capable and handle a multitude of cutting tasks.

Incredibly thin and lightweight this Dauntless neck knife carries effortlessly until needed. Once deployed from its Kydex sheath you have a tool with a full grip and a 3.17”  CPM 154 cutting edge in front of the forward choil. The versatile clipped bayonet style blade can tackle most tasks with ease. The hand rubbed satin finish resists scratches from deployment and use. The handle features the classic Dauntless deep choil, thumb ramp and boat tailed grip in contoured OD Green G10.  

The Kydex neck sheath can be worn around the neck with the supplied cordage and is spaced to accommodate a small Tek Lok and Mummert Slotted Ti clip for versatile carry options.  

Rounding out the package, the Dauntless Neck Knife has three fullers in the G10 handles and single fuller through the blade. Our logo mirrors Kirby’s on opposite sides of the ricasso.

  • The CPM 154 blade, with its hand rubbed finish, features a modified bayonet blade with fullers and a swedge.

  • Choke up on the front choil to get a secure grip. A raised thumb ramp provides better resistance as you carve out fine details.

  • The OD Green G10 slabs, matches Lambert’s design style. This lends to a great natural contour that nests comfortably in your hand.

  • Our distinct triple fullers are on the OD G10 handle while a single fuller runs through the blade. The Triple Aught Design logo and Lambert Knives logo are chemically etched onto the base of the blade.

  • The Kydex neck sheath can be used with the supplied cordage or fitted with a small Tek Lock or Mummert Ti Clip for belt carry.

Behind the Scenes with Kirby Lambert

Kirby Lambert has always had a fascination with swords and knives. He has been making knives for twenty years, and has been doing it full time for the last ten. Kirby’s trademark style revolves around merging beauty and functionality into each knife. With the help of fellow Canadian knifemakers Greg Lightfoot and Brian Lyttle, he was able to set up his own shop and start making knives full time. Kirby has been featured in BLADE, Tactical Knives and several other publications in the last few years. His knives have garnered him "Best Tactical Folder" at both 2012 BLADE Show, as well as the 2012 Plaza Cutlery Show. Kirby continues the trend winning “Best Tactical Folder” at BLADE 2016.

By placing an order with Triple Aught Design, you are verifying that you are over 18 years of age and are aware of all local, state and federal laws regarding the possession of, or the carrying of this product. Triple Aught Design shall be held blameless for any infraction of laws made by the purchaser.




Blade:  CPM 154

Handle: OD Green G10

Sheath: Kydex w Cordage


Blade Length: 3.84” (9.77 cm)

Cutting Edge: 3.17” (8.07cm)

Blade Thickness: 0.140” (0.356 cm)

Overall Handle Thickness: 0.358” (.910 cm)

Overall Length: 7.55” (19.2 cm)


With Sheath: 4.55 oz (129.06 grams)

Without Sheath: 3.2 oz (93.5 grams)


Blade Type: Bayonet Point w Fuller

Hollow Grind w Hand Rubbed Finish

Raised Notched Thumb-Ramp

Custom Blasted Hardware

OD Green G10 Slabs

Kydex Neck Sheath w Cordage and Spaced For Small Tek Lok and Slotted Ti Clip

Logos & Labels

Chemically Etched Triple Aught Design Logo and Lambert on Blade

Made in Canada

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