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This edition features a distressed DLC “Battle Black” finish on the blade, frame, pocket clip and screws. The presentation side of the handle has either black or OD green Micarta slabs with three fullers. The titanium frame side features our topo pattern laser applied over the DLC, offering a stunning contrast. 

Defined by clean lines and a sleek aesthetic, the Dauntless represents a classic approach to an everyday carry folder and strikes the ultimate balance between sophisticated beauty and everyday versatility. The Dauntless design features a distinct combination of elements, including three fullers on the handle, single fuller on the blade, forward choil, bayonet point and three-quarter swedge.

In 2004, the first TAD Dauntless was created in partnership with Rick Hinderer. Since then, many of the best custom knifemakers from all over the world have collaborated with us on numerous unique interpretations of the Dauntless, building a unique and renowned family of knives. But without Rick's belief in the project, and willingness to help bring the first version to life, that might never have come to pass.  Leveraging 15 years of continuous innovation, the Dauntless Compact Hinderer Edition brings modern innovation and refinement to our classic gentleman's everyday folder. 

Reimagined in a 3-inch platform to meet the evolving needs of everyday carry, the Dauntless Compact discretely blends the robust build that Hinderer is famous for with new features never offered on any Dauntless. The multipurpose bayonet style blade, full fore and aft choils and boat tail handle are still present, and Hinderer Knives incorporated their new Tri-Way pivot system, Lock Bar Stabilizer and steel lock bar insert to complete a compact but rugged platform that can tackle any task you ask of a folder. 

Behind the Scenes with Hinderer Knives

Almost 30 years ago, Rick Hinderer began his knife making journey by crafting art knives in a small 14’ x 18’ turkey coop. After becoming a firefighter, EMT and rescue diver, Rick leveraged his personal experiences to create and test hard-use, tactical folders. As his design philosophy evolved, so did his construction techniques. He transitioned from his original old world knife making techniques into a more modernized approach by using CNC precision manufacturing. With a dedication to artisanship and a meticulous attention to detail as a foundation, this unusual perspective between art and utility has allowed him to design extremely comfortable knives that are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. All of Hinderer’s products are engineered to go the distance when it counts the most - whether it be when a life is on the line or when you need a reliable cutting tool.


Hinderer Innovations

The Tri-Way Pivot System allows end users to choose the best rotational mechanism for their needs. Compatible with bearings, copper, and nylon washers.

Another Hinderer original, the Lock Bar Stabilizer prevents lock bar overtravel, the primary cause of premature fatigue.

A replaceable steel lock face insert allows for lockup adjustment with a simple and maintainable insert.

Built for Field Use

The 3-inch blade is made from corrosion resistant CPM 20CV steel, which provides an excellent balance of easy field maintainability and edge retention.

Utility Ergonomics

Aggressive jimping on the spine allows for a better gripping point and deep choils provide a greater level of safety and better ability to index the knife.

Refined Details

Meticulously designed with high attention to detail, the Dauntless features a blind stop pin and lanyard pin, a high retention titanium pocket clip, stainless steel hardware, “Battle Black” finish on the blade, frame, pocket clip and screws.

Limit of 1 per customer.

By placing an order with Triple Aught Design, you are verifying that you are over 18 years of age and are aware of all local, state and federal laws regarding the possession of, or the carrying of this product. Triple Aught Design shall be held blameless for any infraction of laws made by the purchaser.




  • Blade: CPM 20CV

  • Handle / Scales: Micarta

  • DLC Finish

  • Hardware: 416 Stainless Steel Bolts


  • Overall Length: 7.02 in (17.84 cm)                       

  • Blade Length: 2.90 in (7.37 cm)                           

  • Handle Length: 4.15 in (10.54 cm)                       

  • Spine Thickness: 0.14 in (0.356 cm)                      

  • Width of Handle (Without Clip): 0.42 in (1.07cm)  


  • 3.38 oz ( 96.0 g)    



  • Blade Type: Bayonet

  • Grind Style: Flat 

  • Distressed DLC (Battle Black)  Finish on Blade,Handle Assembly,  Pocket Clip and Screws

  • Tri Way Pivot System

  • Steel Lockbar Insert 

  • Lock Bar Stabilizer

  • Titanium Stand Offs

  • Deep Front Finger Guard

  • Blade Fuller

  • Three Fullers in Handle

  • Forward Choil

  • Three-Quarter Swedge

Labels & Logos

  • Laser Etched Triple Aught Design Logo on Blade

  • Laser Etched Topo Pattern on the Titanium Frame 

Made in the USA

Made in USA

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