Mounted horizontally in a FAST Pack Litespeed
Mounted vertically in a FAST Pack Litespeed
Mounted vertically in a Meridian Transport Case
Mounted in an Axiom X25
Mounted in a Parallax Messenger Bag
Use on other gear to compress and organize
Mounted to a Control Panel Type-MR
Mounted inside a Transport Cube

Compression Strap Kit 1

Connection Machine



: Black x


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The CSK1 is a versatile set of attachment hardware useful for customizing our packs, pouches, and cubes. From compression to rails to dummycords, the CSK1's uses are only limited by your imagination. 


  • .75” Nylon webbing

  • Maximum: 19”

  • Minimum: 10”

  • 0.70 oz (0.02 kg) per strap

Zippers & Hardware
  • ITW Classic SR Ladderloc Buckles

  • 1” Duraflex Siamese Slik Clips

Made in USA

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