"Approach by water to witness a survivor of both World Wars. 'Docked' in Petersburg still awaiting renovations."


Solve this riddle, travel to to the point of interest, take a picture with the structure, and share your story on Instagram by tagging #TADQUEST.




Coordinates and exact location will not be shared until 'COMPLETED' status is achieved after being completed by 4 or more participants.


Be one of the first 4 to complete this Quest's action in its entirety after 20190501 and earn 1 2019 Quest Patch.

Entries will only be counted if done after 20190501 and tagged on Instagram with #TADQUEST.

Participants will be contacted over Instagram Direct Messages ONLY to verify Quest completion and patch delivery.

1 patch is given per QUEST completed.

Only 300 Quest Patches will be awarded this season in total. When they are gone, they are gone.

The 2019 Quest Season ends 20190901.

You cannot earn multiple patches for the same Quest.

Participants can do as many Quests as they want.

A patch cannot be earned after a Quest is 'deactivated'. So act fast!

Once a Quest is 'COMPLETED', the coordinates will be shared. A new Quest may become 'Active' after a completion, so keep checking back.

Quests may be dangerous in nature. By participating in Quest, the participants acknowledge that Triple Aught Design assumes no liability for personal injury, death, or property damage.

Quest completion submission is based off the honor system. Submitting an old picture at a Quest location from before 20190501 can and will be denied. You will also be disqualified from Quest 2019. Don't Cheat.

Triple Aught Design reserves the right to deny any entry for any reason.

Patch delivery may take up to 4-5 weeks.

Good Luck.