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This run of the Burke Classic’s features a clip point recurve blade (Bushwacker) in either dark tumbled or dark tumbled with satin flats in PSF 27. This edition also comes with the Rambit Ring installed and turned Titanium standoffs if the user wishes to change them out.

The Burke Knives Framelock Classic TAD Edition pays homage to the archetypal slipjoint knife of yesteryear. Known for for its ease of pocket carry and all-around utility, the slipjoint has been a ubiquitous design throughout the history of the folding pocket knife. Jim Burke has updated this classic design with a contemporary framelock for dependable lock-up, a pocket clip for secure carry, and modern, lightweight materials.

Taking it even further, the included Rambit ring allows the user multiple secure gripping positions for different applications. Choking back on the Rambit ring allows it to be used as a pinky catch for heavy long cuts, even more so with the pinky finger through the ring. Inserting the pinky through the ring also allows the user to release their grip on the knife for tasks that require both hands, while still keeping the Bushwacker close to hand and allowing it to easily be brought back into play. Finally, withdrawing the knife for the clipped position is made more secure by simply using the the ring for deployment.

Simplicity remains paramount for this modern classic and Burke has built this knife with quality materials and little fuss or aggrandizement. The result is a gentleman’s pocket knife with the DNA of your grandfather’s knife and the aesthetics of a modern master craftsman.

  • Compound ground dark stonewash blade .

  • Domed  pivot .

  • Installed Rambit Ring with included Titanium standoffs.

  • Blasted bronze titanium frame features dark fullers and stonewash titanium pocket clip.

  • Framelock design  for safety and ease of use.

  • The ergonomics of handle are perfect for everyday carry and use for all but the heaviest work. The drop butt handle creates control, and the extensive chamfering reduces the grip’s bite.

Behind the Scenes with Burke Knives

Dissatisfied with what the market offered to law enforcement personnel, Jim Burke, himself a member, worked with his father to build a liner locking folder together. Without any outside help, the duo used magazine photos to build a series of prototypes and the first Burke Knives design was born in 1994. As Burke’s profession continued to evolve from Fugitive Apprehension, SWAT, Narcotics Raid Team to Security Contracting and Personal Protection, so did his knives. Using first hand field knowledge, Burke Knives delivers high quality custom tools for soldiers and civilians that will save your life or sit beautifully amongst a collection.

Limit of 2 per customer.

Due to the nature of custom items, slight variations may occur.

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Blade: Dark Etch or Dark Etch and Satin Flat  PSF 27

Handle: Bronzed Stonewashed Titanium

Rambit Ring: Stonewashed Titanium


Blade Length: 3.20” (8.12 cm)

Blade Thickness: .153” (.388 cm)

Handle Length: 4.05” (10.28 cm)

Handle Length w Ring: 4.86” (12.36 cm)

Handle Thickness: .434 ” ( cm)

OAL: 7.25” (18.41 cm)

OAL w Ring: 8.06”  (20.4cm)


3.28oz ( grams)


Bronzed Titanium Frame

PSF 27 Compound Ground Dark Etch Blade or Dark Etch w Satin Flats

Clip Point Recurve Profile with Half Swedge & Slot

Stonewash Titanium Pocket Clip

Machined Dome Style Pivot

Rambit Ring

Labels & Logos

Laser Etched Triple Aught Design & Burke Knives Logos

Made in USA