Welcome To The Alliance

Our forge for special fabrications, unique colorways, and product experiments.

These limited batch projects are an exciting opportunity to bring unique variations or experimental products to our community. All too often, cool and interesting configurations don't see the light of day. We want to change that. Foundry items may utilize limited availability materials, and there will be limited quantities available.

Auctions and drawings for Rare Prototypes, One-Off Customs, and Last Of Styles.

Each Armory event will be numerically identified and contain various apparel, equipment, and hard good items within it.  Each Armory will have a limited timeframe to participate in before it expires.

***All sales final.***

**Not eligible for return or exchange.**

**Winners will have 20 minutes to purchase.**

**For those who win an auction or drawing, failure to purchase may disqualify you from participating in any future Armory Programs.**

*Auction items do not stack with ADP discount.*

Make Everyday An Adventure.


In-field adventures hosted by TAD Staff.


Stay tuned to our Newsletter for upcoming events.


You can’t be in the field all the time.  So when you are stuck behind that digital device take a piece of the adventure with you, to inspire you get back out there.