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Built to explore the boundaries of imagination, Foundry is our forge for special fabrications, unique colorways, and product experiments.

These limited batch projects are an exciting opportunity to bring unique variations or experimental products to our community. All too often, cool and interesting configurations don't see the light of day. We want to change that. Foundry items may utilize limited availability materials, and there will be limited quantities available.

In Field Adventures

Join the TAD Team and other community members on in-field adventures conducted all around the country.

Waypoint Events are FREE single day adventures where each participant supplies their own gear and equipment.

Destination Events are PAID multi-day adventures where hired guides and TAD provide the gear and prodigious experience.


You can’t be in the field all the time.  So when you are stuck behind that digital device take a piece of the adventure with you, to inspire you get back out there.

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