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Light, rigid, and configurable, our admin panels are designed to organize everyday carry items and keep them easily accessible.




Dimension Polyant VX-03


Zippers & Hardware

YKK #5 Uretek reverse coil

2 x Slik Clips


8” x 8”

Made in USA

  • Deployment Scenarios
    • Attaching the AP1's webbing rail to the Helix attachment points inside TAD packs and bags provides organized storage that can slide out for easy access. Perfectly sized to fit inside the dedicated admin pocket on the Meridian for use during transit, and transfer to an Azimuth for continued use.

    • Detached, the AP1 provides portable, organized storage that can keep indexable gear close at hand, such as on nightstands and desks, or in vehicle consoles or drawers.

  • Configuration
    • Gusseted Pockets : 2 medium and 4 small on front for pens, lights, knives, magazines, tools, etc.

    • Open-top Flat Pockets : 2 medium on front and 1 large on reverse for phones, notebooks, etc.

    • Zippered Flat Pocket : 1 large on front for documents, cards, cash, keys, etc.

    • Webbing Rails : 2 webbing rails on reverse for mounting in packs and bags

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