Ti Eye LT

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Color: Glacial Abyss
Variation: Skull Cave
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The Ti Eye LT has the same overall footprint as our original Ti Eye, but is cut from thinner .027” stock. The LT has the same level of detail and contrast as the original, while being easier to support on lightweight garments.

Traditionally, Ranger Eyes are used to help identify friend from foe. Designed to attach to your jacket or pack, our Ti Eyes are custom made in small batches by Marc Mummert out of his California shop. Built from hand-selected sheets of grade 5 titanium, each Ti Eye blank is sheared down to size and tumbled in an abrasive ceramic media for six hours. Sheets are then placed into an industrial fiber laser, where a multi-step program etches, cleans, color marks, and cuts the part all using the same laser source, ensuring perfect  border alignment.The result is a durable, case-hardened finish with a detailed, TAD exclusive graphic.



6AL4V Titanium


.90”x .90”x .027”


. 100 oz ( 2.8 grams)


Laser Engraved TAD Graphic

3M hook backing with permanently bonding

Labels & Logos

Laser Etched Triple Aught Design Graphic

Made in USA